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Manager with their team

3 Quick Tips On Improving Your Management Style

Manager with their teamIt is important to always strive to better oneself both personally and professionally.

Leaders should constantly be on the lookout for ways to better their approach to their staff, the more apt the boss is, the more productive workflow will be and the happier employees will become. Learn More


Video – Different Styles Of Management

What type of manager are you? What’s your dominant management style? Watch this video to learn what the different styles of management are. Learn More


How Golf Can Give Us Management Lessons

I love the British Summer…it’s my favourite day of the year!

I was enjoying a good round of golf during a particularly warm spell last month, and was really enjoying it. Well, when I say ‘good’ round, it depends on your definition of that adjective, but for me…hitting par on two holes in succession is good! Learn More