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Reasons For Organisational Failure

The 4 Main Reasons For Organisational Failure

Try Fail SuccessThe only constant in business is change. I’m sure you’ve heard that statement many times.

And one of the main reasons why organisations stagnate and fall is because of the lack of understanding about this simple philosophy.
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senior businessman cross hands

The Difference Between Being Assertive & Aggressive (Which One are You?)

senior businessman cross handsA great leader needs to have certain traits to be successful.

One of the most important ones is the ability to be assertive.

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Busy stressful woman secretary

2 Ways Managers Can Deal With The Stresses Of The Job

Busy stressful woman secretaryBritish managers are working long days on the job, leaving little time to rest and unwind.

The requirement to stay in line with company goals, meet milestones and lead their teams is a lot of responsibility that leads to stress.

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businessman in stress

The 3 Biggest Mistakes That Leaders Make

businessman in stressThere is no official handbook you receive once you make it to a managerial position.

If you haven’t gone to business school or taken management courses, you may feel the struggle that many leaders face when trying to manage their teams.

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Employee Turnover

3 Surefire Ways To Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee TurnoverDo you ever feel like your workplace has a revolving door of employees?

Do you consistently place job adverts and feel like you can’t hold on to your staff long enough to get them past the trial period?

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Bad Review written on a wooden

What To Do After Receiving A Negative Performance Review…

Bad Review written on a woodenNobody likes to receive negative feedback, and this can be especially crushing when it happens at work.

If your boss has just given you a negative performance review, you may feel shocked, hurt, angry or confused.

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one caucasian business woman

3 Quick Tips On Minimising Workplace Conflict

one caucasian business womanNobody likes to deal with conflict, especially at the office.

If you fight with a friend, for example, you can take some time to cool off before reaching out to them. Learn More

Businessman looking across the city

How Leaders Effectively Deal With Business Expansion

Businessman looking across the cityIf you have managed to grow your business from a startup, you have gone further than most businesses.

While having a novel idea can be exciting, not many people have the skills, drive and experience necessary to actually run a company. Learn More

MTD Training - Grow Coaching Model

The GROW Coaching Model – Infographic

The GROW Coaching Model is an excellent way for managers and leaders to coach their team members as they work towards success, so today I wanted to share with you this quick and easy infographic which explains the 4 stages of the GROW model. Enjoy!

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Tips for Handling Conflict at Work

As a manager you’re bound to find out that not everyday is going to be as pleasant as others. You may have problems with clients or deadlines but in my experience the worst days are the ones during which your own team has trouble getting along. If your team members are in the midst of a conflict it’ll be up to you to sort things out. Here are a few tips to help make that job a bit easier.

Determine the Actual Problem

Sometimes people argue and then things escalate until they no longer remember what the original problem was. Ask everyone involved to sit down and talk about what they perceive the problem to be. Once you all agree on a source you can start to find a solution.

Allow Everyone to Contribute

Make sure everyone involved in the conflict has the opportunity to talk about what he or she not only thinks the problem is but what his opinions are and how the problem can be solved. Give each person a set amount of time to speak and make sure everyone sticks to the facts – no berating other team members.

Reach for a Compromise

Identify the methods each member of the group thinks need to be followed in order to reach a compromise. Not everyone will be happy with the entire outcome but there is always a way to make as many people happy as possible. Identify both long and short term goals and find ways for everyone to work toward them together.

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