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micro management

Micromanaging word breaking

Is It Ever OK To Be A Micromanager?

Micromanaging word breakingMicromanagers have a bad rep in today’s corporate culture.

Employees complain when their boss looks over their shoulders all the time, or don’t trust them to make their own decisions. Learn More

Manager watching over employee shoulder

3 Ways To Avoid Micromanaging Your Team

Manager watching over employee shoulderSupervising a group of individuals is usually not a smooth process. In an ideal situation, a manager would assign various tasks to the team, and would receive completed work on time. Learn More

Employee looking over colleagues shoulder

5 Ways To Deal With A Micro-Manager!

Employee looking over colleagues shoulderWe’ve all been there. You are getting on nicely with a project that has been allocated to you personally, and you are ‘managed’ by someone who is interested in every minute detail of things that are connected to that project.

Learn More