Does Your Attitude Set The Example Or The Warning?

Management’s attitude can show itself in many ways.

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How To Get Rid Of Negative Speak

Is it really necessary to highlight the differences between Negative & Positive Language? You wouldn’t think so. And does it really matter anyway? Does it make a difference if we speak with negative undertones rather than sharing the PollyAnna world of Positive Thinking. Isn’t Positive Thinking overrated anyway? Learn More

3 Ways to Project Your Best Image

Projecting your best image should be part of your everyday thinking process. Most of us are so wrapped up in our daily routine that we don’t consciously think of what we can do to make ourselves look good to our clients, suppliers or colleagues. You have lots of opportunities to do this every day, but what can we do to ensure we project an image we can be proud of?

The most important aspects of our personal image are our Attitude, our Enthusiasm and our Self-Control.

These three can affect every message we send and receive. Each of them will determine how we see the world, and how others perceive us through those messages. Learn More