4 Tips for Preparing for an Appraisal

shake handsA while back I wrote to about the best ways of preparing for an appraisal. Today I’d like to expand on that by adding a few additional items that will help the appraisal process to run a bit smoother.
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How The Apprentice Shows The Importance Of Preparation

The UK version of The Apprentice showed how important it is to prepare for a meeting.

By preparing well, you make yourself valuable to the company. If you don’t prepare well, you can end up making yourself look foolish and having your ability questioned.

Take a look how Joanne Riley fared in her interview. Bear in mind that this was three months into the process of Lord Sugar trying to find his next apprentice…

By identifying what might come up in a meeting, you prove yourself proactive and creative. By winging it, you prove yourself unprepared and unable to cope.

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director


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Preparing For Your Own Appraisal

You’ll have read lots of information about how to conduct an appraisal with your team members.

But what about when you, personally, are being appraised by your boss? Do you spend time preparing well and laying the foundation for your own success?
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