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3 Telltale Signs Your Business Needs More Employees

Office job stress workIt can be a difficult choice to add extra workforce to your existing team.

The extra expenses on paying a salary, payroll taxes and other expenses with hiring additional staff members can be a financial constraint for many small and medium enterprise owners or managers. Learn More


Are Universities Snubbing Smaller Businesses?


In a recent report by GTI Media (publishers of TARGETjobs and Step) states that the majority of SME businesses surveyed were happy with the quality of graduates they had taken on but 59% had found it ‘a challenge’ to recruit graduates direct from universities.
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Improve Your Interview Skills

With the economy seemingly picking up of late, many companies are telling us that they have started taking on staff again, albeit slowly and intermittently. Many managers are not practiced in interview skills, so it may be good to reacquaint yourself with some ideas if you are about to embark on a recruitment drive, or simply thinking of taking on another person: Learn More

Finding New Team Members

In the past we’ve talked about team building in terms of bringing your current team members together as a whole. Today I’d like to take just a minute to talk about the ways in which you choose the members of your team. Learn More