What To Do When Your Team Is NOT Motivated By Money

Money is Not Everything

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How do you motivate your employees to perform at their best, and consistently come up with ideas on improving your organisation?

You can offer raises and bonuses, but the truth is that not every single person is motivated by money.

How else can you inspire your employees to succeed?

With the following tips:


Rewarding your employee with a more few hundred or thousand pounds per week may seem like a generous idea to you, but that may not excite your team members.

This is especially true for younger workers, such as millennials, who may not have mortgages to pay or still have their families helping them.

What may be more beneficial to your workers is mentorship that can help them grow in their positions and learn the skills required to move up the corporate chain.

If you don’t have the time to mentor each and every individual in your company, you can set up a mentorship programme where more experienced workers can impart their knowledge on more novice colleagues.

Flexible Schedule

More and more, employees are overwhelmingly choosing flexible schedules over traditional options, even if they pay more.

Allowing your workers to choose their own schedule can help them work when they are most alert.

Some may choose to start working early in the morning, freeing themselves up in the afternoon.

Those that don’t prefer to wake up early, can tailor their schedule to start and end later.

Plus, a flexible schedule permits individuals to adjust their hours to make it to their children’s recitals, doctor’s appointments and other events.

Public Recognition

Another way to motivate employees is by public recognition of their achievements.

When you simply raise an employee’s salary for an achievement, that is only known to them.

However, when you make a public announcement over an accomplishment, that raises the person’s ego, makes them feel recognised and appreciated!

Consider adding an employee of the month programme where you pick a staffer based on their performance and share their photo in your office.

You can also create different categories to motivate your employees to succeed; for example, perfect attendance, best salesperson, rising star.

Why not purchase and distribute trophies as part of your public recognition efforts at an annual meeting?

That is sure to motivate your employees to try their best!

Thanks again

Mark Williams

Head of Training and Development

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Originally published: 27 June, 2017

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