Do You Have a High Performing Team?

As you begin to develop your new team (or restructure your current team) it’s important to determine whether or not the group of people you select will have what it takes to form a high performing team.

There are five main factors that indicate whether or not the team you put together will work effectively or fall flat on its face. They include:

  • Vision and goals – does each member of the team understand exactly what the team’s goals and objectives are? Do they all share the same vision? If not, you’ll have people working towards different goals and in the end the pieces of the puzzle will not come together to effectively create a finished product or project.
  • Do you have a tried and true method for selecting members and forming your team? You should have certain expectations for each member of the team and should be able to judge the character of each person you meet during your initial and follow-up interviews. Don’t hire someone you view doubtfully.
  • Do your team members have the right training and skills development tools available to them? Make sure they’re able to get the additional training and resources they need in order to effectively complete their jobs – not just to the expected norm, but above and beyond the level you expect.
  • Are the members of your team resourceful and committed? Do they feel empowered? Each member of the team should feel like he has a significant role. Those who feel as though they’re just another face in the crowd will perform at sub-par levels.
  • Does the culture of your organisation support the goals and ideals of your team? If the organisation does not support you the members of your team will not feel as though their jobs and tasks mean anything in the overall scheme of things.

If all of these things come toghether you are likly to have a team that performs at a high level of functionality all the time, no matter what type of task is on the agenda. Take away one of these factors and you’ll begin to see things falter.

Take a step back and look at your team as it stands right now. Are you all performing at your highest capacity? What can you do to increase your productivity while decreasing stress and tension?

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

MTD Training   

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Updated on: 31 March, 2009

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