Are Your Team Performing To The Best Of Their Ability?

Performance ConceptAs the supervisor, it is your job to measure your team’s performance on the job. Whether you have noticed a decline in efficiency, or sales have been down, forcing your department to work harder, you need to have the skills necessary to improve your teams performance when the need arises. Below are three tips on how to do so:

Facilitate Communication – One of the biggest hindrances to a successful workplace is failure to communicate. Employees need to be able to talk to each other in a respectful and helpful way to discuss projects and workloads. They should be able to ask one another for help, and to ask questions or give advice. When the communication process breaks down, it causes all other parts of the work process to crash, as well. Therefore, it is important for managers to foster communication in the office. Whether it is shedding light on diversity and cultural differences, or simply providing training on conflict resolution, helping staff to communicate better will improve workflow.

Create a Strategy – It is one thing to tell your workers that they need to work faster and better, but most individuals will not know how to make that happen. This is why managers need to create and implement strategies for more efficiency on the job. Research software or other technology relevant to your field, and see if incorporating these solutions into your workday will speed up and improve workflow. Another tactic to try is to monitor employees’ activities, and consider what can be done to improve the status quo. Take a look at your underlings’ strengths and weaknesses to see if you can reassign any responsibilities or simply coach workers on how to conduct business better.

Provide Feedback – The best tactic to getting your staff to follow your vision and show you progress is to provide them with regular feedback. Managers sometimes forget that employees are not mind readers, and don’t know exactly what it is you want all the time. You can ask everyone to work harder, but that doesn’t mean they will know exactly how to accomplish that, or if they are doing it to your satisfaction. This is why you should set up weekly or monthly meetings with individual employees to let them know that they are either doing a great job, or need to strive to do better.

There may be various reasons for why your team is lacking in effort. Whether they are tired, overworked, or stressed out, or simply do not have the proper training to work to their best abilities, you as a supervisor can step in and help them improve their efficiency.

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