The 3 Stand-Out Traits Of The Most Productive Managers

Cartoon businessman multi-taskingDo you ever notice that others seem to be getting their work done much quicker and more effortlessly than you? Do you find yourself staying overtime to finish work, while your colleagues are long gone? The issue may be that you are not as productive as you can be, and, therefore, you can improve your working skills to speed up workflow.

While you may not know where to start in your quest for self-improvement, we will share three traits of productive working individuals with you to inspire you to get better.

Prioritising – One of the key aspects of productivity is being able to truly prioritise work tasks. This involves reviewing daily, weekly and monthly assignments to determine what should get the most pressing attention.

A big problem many managers face do not know how to organise work to be efficient. For example, they can work on an assignment that is not due for a month, but then will forget about something due the next day. Often, this forces them to stay overtime to finish the project.

Keeping an updated list of priorities will help you focus on the most important tasks first, freeing up extra time to think ahead to projects due later.

Problem-Solving – Productive supervisors know how to problem solve, not just quickly, but effectively. They don’t get bogged down by errors, on their own part or on the part of their employees, but take issues in stride.

When they do come across a bend in the road, they are able to consider alternatives and make quick decisions without second-guessing themselves. Often, people find themselves stuck when something has gone astray, and they spend their time accusing their subordinates of their wrongdoing, or being upset that something didn’t go according to plan.

This simply wastes time; avoiding this and finding alternative solutions is the most productive way.

Helping Themselves – Appearances can be deceiving; the colleagues that seem to get the most work done effortlessly are typically able to do so because they have the most tools at their disposal.

To be productive, you need to help yourself to be quick in every aspect of the job. This involves first and foremost hiring the right people to do the job you need, and the ability to macromanage. Second, this includes the knowledge and budget to arm yourself with the latest technology to help you work efficiently.

From faster computers to more advanced programs, all these things can help you increase your productivity. Being productive is not a trait that all individuals have. However, when you prioritise, learn to efficiently problem solve, and help yourself to the right staff and technology, you can significantly improve your efficiency at work.

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Updated on: 29 July, 2015

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