The Technology Learning Cycle

Understanding and applying new technology can be difficult, especially for employees who have not been exposed to the types of technological tools you use within your organisation. It’s important to remember that learning about technology involves a cycle of experiences, just like any other type of training.

When working with team members and employees, remember that they won’t necessarily pick up on how to use a new piece of technology over night. They must first go through the following phases:

• Awareness,

• Exploration and Filtration,

• Learning,

• Personal and Professional Application, and

• Sharing and Reflection

The technology learning cycle, otherwise referred to as TLC, exposes people to technology and allows them to explore the ways those tools can be used within both their personal and professional lives. They have the opportunity to learn how to use each tool functionally and then share their new skills with others.

Every single time we learn about new pieces of technology we have the opportunity to go through the same cycle of learning. As managers, we have the unique position of being able to guide our employees through this cycle as well, giving them not only new knowledge, but they tools they need to succeed in business!

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Managing Director

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Originally published: 10 November, 2008

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