The World Of Business Needs More Trail Blazers & Here’s Why

Trail Blazer If you want to stand out as a manager and leader then be original! For a basic example how many slide deck presentations have you sat through in the past week, month, year? For most managers the figure is going to be quite high. How many have you delivered? Again for most the answer will be quite high. I appreciate that in larger corporates, slide template designs and endless brand guidelines are issued to ensure consistency. I appreciate this is important for external work but what about internal presentations? More slide decks are produced for internal use than external and for these the “same old, same old” just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you want to get your message across then you must be original. The odd “famous quote” is fine but most have become nothing more than glib clichés. When I see them used I just think ‘lazy manager’. If YOU can’t motivate your staff to work harder or smarter (and you are alive), I don’t think someone that lived in the second century BC can do the job either. Originality is not confined to slide decks. Great managers must have original ideas when it comes to meetings, projects, recruitment etcetera. The reasons why leaders and managers stick to the normal are apathy and fear. Fear of doing something different and it fails. Apathy, well, because they can’t be bothered to think of anything original. Imagine a world where nobody ever took a risk, what a sterile environment that would be. The great advances in medicine and technology would never have happened. I would not be writing this blog as the internet would not exist! So how do we be more original? Here are a few tips:

  • Be constantly aware of new thinking and what is working in other industry sectors to your own. Don’t be afraid to trial them in your department.
  • Welcome and encourage creativity and experimentation within your teams. This will require management and monitoring but the investment will pay off.
  • Don’t blame people when things don’t work, at least you know now that that particular idea won’t work (learning point).
  • Many famous old quotes have been ‘tweaked’ and modernised through the centuries and have been reattributed to the ‘tweaker’. I have adapted many of them for my own use in training courses!
  • Appreciate that great ideas can come from anyone, no matter how new, young, or inexperienced they are. Sometimes the fact they are new and naïve (what I call ‘intelligent ignorance’) helps as they are usually highly motivated and without fear!

There are the obvious advantages of reading loads and being aware of current affairs. Business analogies drawn from ‘now’ are far more likely to resonate with your staff members than historical ones. Write blogs and become recognised as a ‘thought leader’ in your industry or profession. I know it takes time but you are building a career here, aren’t you? Building anything worthwhile takes time and effort. On that note, where’s my scythe? I have a new path to create! Many thanks Mark Williams Head of Training

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Originally published: 16 September, 2013

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