To Blog Or Not To Blog? That Is The Question

I’m surprised by how many of our delegates on management courses say their companies don’t blog, or if they do,they are spasmodic and not measured as to their effectiveness.

Some benefits that can be achieved through corporate blogging include:

  • Increasing awareness of your company and your brand
  • Establishing your company as an authority in your field
  • Acting as an early warning system of any problems and giving you an avenue for  handling the situation in a proactive manner
  • Two-way communication makes people feel more confident in your company, and if they feel they are being listened to, they will tend to become more loyal.

The number of blogs out there is still being counted, but experts agree that, including Chinese blog sites, the number is approaching 200 million. Without a blog, you’re missing a tried and tested method in communicating with your customer base and others.

In my new book, ‘eselling’,  I go into detail on how important blogging is for your corporate brand but also for you as an individual. If you manage a team of sales people, you need to identify how valuable it would be for them and you to have personal blogs for customer marketing purposes.

Without a blog presence today, you will be left behind. Take a look at your company blog site (if you have one) and ask yourself if the value of the blogs is as high as it could be. Are they being updated regularly? Do they offer good insights into how your company manages its outside influence? Could it offer more to readers so they come back often?

Do not neglect this important area of marketing for you and your team. There are always opportunities to share stories about your company and staff within it. Be aware of the value of the blog and help your company improve its marketing stance.

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 17 July, 2011