To Motivate, Get Them Involved And Contributing

A survey among 2,000 workers undertaken by staff development company European Leaders revealed that a huge two thirds failed to understand their company’s vision, which had a negative impact on their motivation and productivity. It also contributed to the fact that a mere 18% would describe their employer as a ‘good’ organisation to work for.

But two thirds of those questioned said that they would work much more efficiently if they were better motivated, although only 36% said they were currently working to their full potential.

If you look at the UK’s best companies to work for, it’s clear that their focus on company values and employee engagement is right at the top of their agenda. So what would boost employee engagement and morale?  41% of people who replied to the European Leaders survey said managers’ ability to communicate passion and enthusiasm about work to them and being prepared to challenge in order to help them reach their full potential would be top of their list.

A further 38% said they would like bosses to help them find something in the workplace that motivated them, while 37% felt managers had a duty to make their work more engaging.

That really made me think about how we engage with our people at work, especially how we tap into their potential to achieve more and grow more. If we just leave motivation up to other people, it will just fade, as it’s something that needs to constantly nurtured and fed. Don’t allow your team to lose its motivation by not getting them involved in the big picture. Help them grow and develop by letting them contribute and add new perspectives to the business.

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

MTD Training   

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Updated on: 26 July, 2011

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