Are You Unknowingly Demotivating Your Staff?

MobbingIt’s beneficial for managers to think of ways to motivate their staff; however, it is just as vital to consider how you may unintentionally be demotivating them.

Are you doing either or both of the following two things that causes your team members to lose their drive to succeed?

Putting Them in a Box

There are many ways that managers put their employees in a figurative box; by assigning them the same tasks over and over, thinking of them in a specific role or not giving them a chance to grow.

This type of action is incredibly demotivating to individuals.

As Cameron Doody, the co-founder of Bellhops, states in an article in, “People don’t just want a job anymore; they want a fulfilling job. And fulfilment at work comes with the freedom to make decisions and own your position.”

Employers tend to think about one thing, which is getting the job done, and they like establishing systems that will get that work done as quickly as possible.

What ends up happening in many organisations, is that bosses find employees’ strengths, and assign them the same responsibilities, knowing that they will get the job done better than anyone else.

The problem is that the emplyees end up feeling as if they work in an assembly line, and become bored and demotivated as a result.

To fix this issue, open the box and let your employees thrive!

Assign different tasks to them and provide proper training so that they can learn different aspects of the job, and advance in their careers.

Not Giving Them Credit

Most employees are willing to work hard, as long as they get the credit for it.

Unfortunately, some bosses believe that since they are the leaders of the group, they are responsible for all of the success that the group, as well.

As a result, workers may be coming up with good ideas, thinking of innovations and positive changes, but reaping no rewards.

Any person would stop going above and beyond if they are not recognised for their skills and efforts.

Why make your boss look good when you will never be acknowledged?

To motivate your team to work hard and increase their creativity, recognise their achievements.

Always make sure your staff is given credit when it is due, whether in front of other colleagues, clients or your own boss.

The more your team members feel recognised and appreciated, the more motivated they will be to prove themselves.

Mark Williams

Head of Training and Development

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