What Does Coaching Offer Employees?

learnYou may be ready and willing to start a coaching program with each of your employees. The trick to building a successful coaching relationship relies on three things: you ability to know what you need to encourage your employees to learn, your ability to recognize what new behaviours your employees should be picking up, and your ability to understand exactly what benefits coaching has.

These are all relatively simple, so we’ll start with the first. In order to encourage your employees to learn they need to have three things:

  • Desire
  • Opportunity
  • Competence

They must want to learn, they must have the time and support needed to learn, and they must already have some degree of competency or ability to do their jobs. You can’t successfully coach anyone who doesn’t want to be coached.

The next thing you need to understand is the type of level of change a coaching relationship should cause. You’re mainly looking for three things. You should see your coaching having a positive impact on your employee’s customer relationship skills; the person you are coaching should be able to properly manage the things he’s learning in his coaching session; and you as the manager and coach should see a recognisable change.

Finally, you need to recognize how important coaching actually is to your employees and team members. They look forward to your coaching sessions because thy give them time away from having to make their own decisions, give them a sense of safety in a confidential setting, and make them feel as though they have companionship even though your relationships are detached.

You may think coaching is a waste of time but you should make a strong effort to have a coaching session with all of your employees at least once every month. After a bit of time you’ll begin to see a noticable difference in both their work skills and morale!

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Updated on: 21 December, 2009

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