What To Do When You’re Leaving Your Current Job

So you’ve decided you want to leave your job. OK, it happens. You come to the end of the line. That promotion you thought you’d get never materialised. Your boss is getting on your nerves.

Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to look elsewhere to earn your daily bread. Let me ask you one question: how should your attitude be while you are seeking new employment?

Most people I speak to tell me that they are downcast, weary and depressed while they are winding down and looking for that new post. Can I suggest you choose a different attitude?

Use your last few days, weeks or months at work as a “growth opportunity”.

One of the deepest of all human needs is the need to fulfill our inner potential. People who live lives filled with regret are people who know they lack the courage to become the people they are capable of being. See your current job as a growth opportunity. See your workplace as a place to develop yourself personally while looking for something new.

You have a choice here. You can 1) be down-hearted and demotivated with your current position and demotivate others while you scan the job pages in the paper and on the net, or 2) see this as a chance to develop your negative-resisting tendencies and learn everything you can about resilience and fortitude while you prove to another employer that you are worth employing.

If someone applies to MTD for a job with us, and they are still employed, we will ask them what they have been doing to keep their motivation high from the time they ‘switched off’ mentally at their current job. We ask how they have developed their skills in the last two or three months. Their answers either convince us they have the right frame of mind to join an expanding company like ours, or they need so much extrinsic motivation that they wouldn’t fit in.

So, if you have decided to move onwards and upwards from your current position, keep in mind that your new employer will be checking out your attitude when you are going through change. So tell them how you are still growing, even though the soil you are currently growing in isn’t very fertile!

Thanks again


Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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