You Need a Continuous Improvement Plan

The term “continuous improvement” refers to taking the products or service we give to our customers and making them better all of the time. A continuous improvement plan revolves around your ability to maintain the high levels of service, productivity, or performance you’ve already achieved while finding ways to enhance your results.

Of course, whatever plan you implement is not just a one-time occurrence, but a long-term commitment to a method that will produce measurable results over time. You, your fellow managers, and your employees must all work together to understand what problems exist within your organisation and to determine which actions would best solve those problems.

Your continuous improvement plan will help with team building as well because it will not only encourage you to work together in order to evaluate and analyse a situation, but will also promote teamwork as you organise and plan your course of action. Every business will have different problems, thus requiring a different continuous improvement plan. Remember, however, that a continuous improvement plan is something that must carry you far into the future. It may be changed or modified as necessary, but the need for continuous improvement will never disappear!

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Updated on: 20 November, 2008

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