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Communication Skills Webinar

Challenging Conversations Webinar
Ready to go. 90 minute to 2 hour versions available.


We all have to hold difficult conversations at one point or another.

They could include giving some negative/corrective feedback to an individual or having to break bad news to a group of workers.

Some find it easier than others but with the right technique and strategy you can approach these conversations in a more structured and planned way so they reduce the amount of stress that they place on you.


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe why we find it difficult to hold challenging conversations
  • Plan out a conversation using a specific structure to follow
  • Understand the fundamentals of giving constructive feedback and being objective
  • Become more assertive in your communications
  • Understand different types of people and how to handle each one

Workshop Outline

Duration: 90 or 120 minute versions (including a short break)

Materials: Virtual handouts provided to work through

  • Objectives of this workshop
  • Why people find it difficult to have tough conversations with others
  • Understanding the DNA of difficult conversations
  • How to give feedback in the right way
  • Understanding how people react to feedback – the DAWA stages
  • Positioning difficult conversations – planning and preparation
  • Delivering difficult conversations and messages – structure
  • Understanding different people types/styles and how to tailor your approach
  • 6 types of assertion
  • Dealing with aggression


This Session Includes
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Pre-Session Activity
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Polls & Questions
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Hand Up Q&A


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Interactive Exercises
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Case Studies & Examples
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Recorded For Future Playback


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