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How turning Japanese can

produce more effective learning


Colin Rose gave a great example of how an exercise can use all of our natural intelligences. It is a great energiser, or even icebreaker, when you are trying to get your delegates more involved.

It uses visual, auditory and kinaesthetic modalities to deeply embed learned ideas into our minds, so that something learned can be repeated maybe hours or even days later.

I’ve even had delegates return on a different course after doing this exercise and repeating it word perfectly – sometimes months after learning it. Use it as an example of how a learning pattern can be developed and enjoyed for other training programmes.

The exercise is learning how to count from one to nine in Japanese:

OneIchiItchyScratch your nose
ThreeSanSunPoint to sky
FourShiShePoint to girl
SixRockoRockuhRock a baby
EightHachiHatcheePut on hat
NineKyuCooCoo like a dove

(Do one and two together)

First, say the word in the SOUND column at the same time as making the movement in the ACTION column.

Once you have demonstrated the whole series once with the group observing – ask the group to complete the exercise again accompanying you.

Next ask the group to complete the sequence without you doing the actions just speaking.

Next get the group to complete the sequence on their own.

The learning points are that the group are not only seeing the words being demonstrated but also hearing them – the two links will make learning more effective. You are also asking them to repeat the exercise a couple of times and this aids the learning. This exercise demonstrates the concepts of Accelerated Learning and the learners’ ability to recall things more easily once they are learnt using a number of senses. The exercise clearly demonstrates how – when learning something new – it can be made easier by linking to something, which is familiar.

Keep repeating the exercise after breaks or lunch throughout a course as an energiser. It is very rewarding for the group to demonstrate the retention of the information.


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