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Essential Management Skills

Coventry – 25/26 July 2017

Essential Management Skills

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2 days


Course Overview:

The Essential Management Skills course will provide you with an excellent foundation in all of the skills and behaviours required to be an outstanding manager.

After having attended this workshop you will go back to the workplace with a toolbox full of management skills that you can use to guarantee your success in managing yourself and others.

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What Will We Be Covering?

Day 1

Introductions & Objectives

What Makes An Effective Manager?

Here we look at the difference between management and leadership. What are the key duties of a Manager? What makes an outstanding manager? What will people be expecting of managers in the future?

Exploring Your Managerial Style/Potential

Take a managerial assessment to find out your current managerial style and how to use this back at the workplace, management styles team game, find out what your style means to your team and how to develop your managerial skills further

Coaching & Feedback Skills

Learn how to coach and give feedback to your staff members to help their personal and professional development. Learn different models of coaching and how give positive and constructive feedback to apply these to fit the situation. I.e. formal coaching sessions, on the job coaching, reviews etc


Communication & Influencing Skills

Learn how to be a master communicator and how to get your point across in a clear, concise and positive manner. Learn how to make small talk with strangers, the importance of nonverbal communication and how to influence others to see your point of view so that you sell your idea effectively!

Managing Conflict

Learn how to manager conflict on a one on one basis as well as managing conflict between members of your team. Learn communication and process techniques to be able to handle any conflict situation that may arise.


Day 2

Delegation Skills

Learn why delegating is important and decide which of the seven levels of delegation is right for your team members.

Managing Performance

Learn how to set goals, objectives and put development plans together with your staff. Learn how to review performance and how to manage under-performers. Learn how to deal with difficult people in an effective manner.

Building High Performance Teams

Building highly effective and performing teams is an essential objective in your role. Learn how to gel all of the members in your team to work together and to exceed all targets that I asked of you.


Time Management

Managing your time and juggling workloads is a difficult task. Learn how to prioritise your work and know how to manage conflicting priorities. Gain an appreciation of the difference between “importance” and “priority” and how to effectively delegate your work.

Motivation Skills & Understanding Others

Learn what makes people tick and what gets them out of bed in a morning and how to use this to your advantage. Learn how to elicit your staff’s motivations, values and beliefs and how to tailor your communications with them to motivate them to do an outstanding job in all that they do.