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Free Management Training Course

A 5 session video management training course delivered by email and worked through at your own pace

Free Management Training Course
Receive 5 management training videos by email and work through them at your own pace

You too can now become a
and leader in just 5 sessions!


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By completing this FREE video mini-course you will be able to:

  • Understand what the main managerial styles are and work out which one you use the most
  • Give constructive feedback to staff and colleagues
  • Delegate work more effectively and in the right way
  • Develop your skills so you can tackle poor performance to stop it from happening
  • Create and build a high performing team culture

You will be sent each session through email to work through at your own pace and in your own time.

Session 1- Understanding Managerial Styles

Learn what the 6 management styles are. You’ll also complete a questionnaire that will work out what your natural style is and what it means to your team.

Session 2 – Giving Constructive Feedback

We all have to give corrective feedback at some stage. Some avoid it and others do it all wrong! Learn how to do it properly with a unique technique that we will teach you.

Session 3 – 7 Ways To Delegate Work

Are you guilty of taking too much on when you should be spreading the load? Do you think it’s easier to complete it yourself? Learn 7 different ways to delegate work so that you ease your workload and stress levels.

Session 4 – How To Handle Poor Performing Employees

Learn how to handle poor performing employees in the right way. Understand what to look out for and what to put in place so they make improvements.

Session 5 – How To Create A High Performance Team Culture

Discover how to create the culture and atmosphere at work that will lead to higher levels of team performance. Work through 9 specific areas that will help you to create this.


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