Global Leadership Survey

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Is the UK at the forefront of Leadership?

Over 2,000 leaders from around the globe have benchmarked their ability against 96 key leadership skills.

Which country came out on top? Do leadership styles differ? And which industry in the UK has the best leaders?

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Leadership Around The World

Which country has the best leadership?

Most countries we surveyed came out more confident than the UK about leadership and while you’d expect the ever-confident United States to come ahead of most other countries, it’s the surprising Belgium who comes top of the pack.

Interestingly, when we group all the EU countries together, they come out ahead of the UK on confidence in their leadership. Some would argue that this appropriately represents the current state of Brexit negotiations, but we’ll leave that for another article.

How different countries approach leadership? 

When we break the countries down by quality, we see how each one approaches leadership in different ways.

As we can see, the UK excels at being decisive – we’re quite happy to make decisions quickly & decisively, and really drive change in our approach to business, however we could do better when it comes to managing our performance and focusing on customers.

It’s interesting to see that almost all countries struggle with developing people and building relationships, both of which are something that is key to developing our businesses further.

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The UK vs US & EU

How do the UK & US styles of leadership differ?

The barbell plot chart above shows the gap in leadership qualities between the UK and the US. While it’s no surprise that the States prides itself on its customer focus, the UK charges ahead on its decision-making ability.

It’s also amusing that the Brits live up to the stereotype of liking organisation as they are better at managing meetings. We are surprised to see that the US is better at leading change ahead of the UK, but perhaps we could put that down to the confidence of the American people rather than the reality?

How do the EU & UK styles of leadership differ?

It might irk some readers, but those pesky Europeans outperform the UK in almost all leadership qualities. From customer focus to managing resources, managing meetings, and ironically, leading change – the EU countries reportedly outdo the UK at every leadership quality.

On the other hand, the UK rates itself better at building relationships, decision making and just beats the EU at continuously improving people and increasing the quality of their work.

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What Industries Lead In The UK?

Which industry in the UK has the best leadership?

Ignoring the rest of the world for a moment and breaking the UK down by industry pops up some interesting results. Our Utility industry is very confident in its ability to lead, with managers at all levels reporting high levels of confidence in their ability to lead. Meanwhile, our Manufacturing & Shopping industries show less confidence in their ability to lead.

How do different industries in the UK approach leadership?  

When we break it down by industry, we see some interesting things – mainly, how the different industries approach the qualities of leadership. The Marketing industry reckons it is the most confident in its leadership across the board, while industries such as Finance are a little more circumspect. Could the industries that have some crossover in requirements be best served by swapping information on where they each do better than each other?

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