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In-House Personal Skills Topics

Examples of the types of in-house training courses we can design and deliver for you

In-House Personal Skills Courses

Examples of personal skills courses that we can design and deliver for you

Personal Skills Courses – Bespoke & Customised

The bespoke courses on this page are focused around improving your personal skills and can be run as they are or you can mix and match content to create an in-house course of your choice.

We can deliver these courses at your premises or at a location of your choice.

There are a wide variety of personal skills topics that we can cover, each of them are very practical and focused on providing your people with techniques and strategies that they can use in the “real world”

Overall, our in-house courses are rated 96% across 8 different criteria so you can expect a great experience based on what works.

No matter what course we deliver for you it will be CPD certified which means that each of your people will receive a CPD certificate at the end of the course.

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Key Features Of Our Personal Skills Courses

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Personal Skills Course Examples

Time Management
Time Management
This 1-day time management in-house training course is designed to help you make the most out of your time so you are organised and feel on top of things.

Today we have more and more demands made upon us at work – tighter deadlines, more work, juggling priorities – you name it!

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Presentation Skills
Presentation Skills
Delivering effective presentations is a common activity that nearly everyone at work has to do in today’s business environment. The question is – do you enjoy doing them? and are you any good at them?

This course is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, techniques and strategies to deliver winning presentations

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Train The Trainer
Cultural Awareness
The days of “chalk and talk” are long gone and trainers must now adapt their style of delivery to programmes that reflect the way adults learn best.

This programme can be tailored to suit the number of days you need, the practice that you require and the skills that need to be covered.

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Communication Skills
Communication Skills
This 1-day in-house course will enable you to practice the skills needed for building strong relationships and to improve your communication and influencing skills, in order for you to achieve your goals.

You’ll be able to get your point across in the right way and be able to be understood a lot easier.

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Chairing Meetings
Chairing Meetings
With this 1 or 2-day in-house course you will learn the skills, techniques and strategies to plan, lead and participate effectively in meetings of all kinds.

From impromptu, on the spot discussions between colleagues, to formal presentations and meetings with external suppliers or clients you’ll have all bases covered.

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Assertiveness Training
Assertiveness Training
Being assertive is one of the most important skills that you can have.

In your everyday communications at work you need to be assertive when delegating, chairing, negotiating, motivating, selling, leading, disagreeing – you name it!

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Team Building Days
Team Building Days
Today’s teams need to be more closely tied than ever before. The competition will quickly overtake any business that doesn’t hold an effective team-ethos.

Our team building events can cover the techniques and concepts required to achieve a great team working environment.

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Influencing Skills
Influencing Skills
The key skills needed today by managers include communication, technology and leadership. The ability to influence others is right up there too if you are to get what you want and the outcomes that you desire.

This 1-day workshop will help you to achieve those outcomes in the right way.

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SDI Training
SDI Training
The Strength Deployment Inventory® helps us to overcome interpersonal and communication issues.

It provides a framework and a common language for being able to see each other as we really are and to build more positive and powerful working relationships.

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