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Soft Skills Training

Examples of the types of in-house training courses we can design and deliver for you

Soft Skills Training

Improve your soft skills and communicate in the right way

Soft Skills Training Courses

Improving your soft skills is more important in today’s modern working environment than at any time in history.

We offer a number of soft skills courses and training programmes that will improve not only what you say but how you say it.

You’ll be able to get your point across more effectively, become more assertive and you’ll be able to persuade and influence without feeling uncomfortable.

Our soft skills training courses tap into the other person’s world so you will know what approach to use in order to communicate to them in the right way.

All of our attendees go away with a toolkit full of soft skills techniques and strategies to make them into master communicators.

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Key Content From Our Soft Skills Training Courses

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Icon users Assertiveness

Icon users Emotional Intelligence

Icon users Body Language

Icon users Persuasion & Influence

Icon users Giving Bad News

Icon users Tonality & Inflexion

Icon users Managing Conflict

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Soft Skills Training Options

Management Soft Skills
Appraisal Training
Managers need to possess excellent soft skills to get the best out of their people.

Our management soft skills courses provide managers and leaders from all levels, with the skills and competencies to drive their teams forward.

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Communication Skills
Communication Skills
Learn how to communicate clearly and effectively with our communication skills courses.

From what and how you say it, through to effective body language and tonality, you’ll soon become a master communicator.

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Assertiveness Training
Assertiveness Training
Standing up for yourself and learning how to say no are essential skills that you need to master.

There are a lot of demands and pressure placed upon us from every direction so you need to know how to be assertive.

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Influencing Skills
Influencing Skills
Discover how to influence and persuade others through face to face, telephone and email communications.

Learn how to tap into the other person’s world so you can influence them in the right way.

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Chairing Meetings
Chairing Meetings
Learn the essential soft skills that you need to get the most out of your meetings

Discover how to control others in the meeting and to be assertive to keep it on track and focused.

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Presentation Skills
Presentation Skills
Discover how to deliver compelling and engaging presentations by improving your soft skill delivery skills.

Learn how to control those nerves and how to get your point across without fluffing your lines.

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Soft Skills Tips

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Collins English Dictionary describes ‘soft skills’ as ‘desirable qualities for certain forms of employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge: they include common sense, the ability to deal with people, and a positive flexible attitude’…

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