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Project Management Training

Improve the way that you set up and run your projects

Project Management Training
Improve the way that you set up and run your projects

Manage Your Projects More Effectively


Throughout the modern workplace, the notion of ‘projects’ has become increasingly common.

However, starting a new project brings a level of uncertainty to any individual or organization, and also raises many questions such as: Can the project be implemented within the defined constraints? How will progress be measured? And are we meeting our client’s needs? The answers to these questions are critical for the successful completion of any project.

No matter what kind of business you are in, as a Project Manager you are expected to plan, implement, monitor and measure the success of your project based on various criteria. With little or no prior project management training, you will find this course offering an easy-to-follow guidance for managing any type of project.

Put simply, the course is designed to equip you with the skills, principles and techniques you need, and can depend on, for successfully managing and delivering your projects.

Below are indicative training topics. Select which ones you would like to make up your course or tell us what you need.

Indicative Content

Running A Project

  • Key principles for planning and running successful projects
  • What does a great job look like?
  • Your role as a project manager
  • Understanding the project management cycle
  • Creating the team – who are the key players?
  • Bringing the team together

The 4 Key Project Management Phases:

  • Initiation
  • Planning (including planning tools)
  • Execution and control
  • Termination

Project Scope, Cost & Quality Management

  • Setting objectives
  • Scope (includes definition, planning, creep and control)
  • Defining a delay and forecasting for completion
  • Cost, estimating, budgeting and controlling
  • Project risks
  • Managing and leading the project team

Sourcing & Generating Options For Problem Solving

  • Defining a delay and the impacts it will cause
  • How to rework the plan using problem solving techniques to establish an end date
  • Evaluating options and making choices
  • Establishing a range of ways of evaluating and selecting the ‘best’ solution to your problem
  • Taking action (implementing the solution)
  • Follow up – has the solution worked?
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All of our management training courses are CPD Certified.

This means that all participants will receive a CPD Certificate after taking this course.

There’s no additional cost for the certificate.

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