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Recruit Using DISC

How to spot the right candidate BEFORE you hire

Recruit Using DISC
How to spot the right candidate BEFORE you hire

Use DISC to identify the behaviours that your
candidates will demonstrate when they work for you

When looking over a CV you can easily build up a picture of the candidates skills, abilities and experience.

What is more difficult to work out is that you cannot form an understanding of whether they “will” be able to do the job, “how” they would go about their role or “why” they would do things in a certain way.

Using a DISC assessment as part of your recruitment and selection process will enable you to measure four core behavioural tendencies which will provide you with the key information about how that person behaves and what they will be like in the workplace.

This enables you to understand what you can expect from a candidate before you hire them – to ensure that their natural and adapted behaviours will complement the company culture, other team members and the role itself.

Recruitment Profiles

There are a number of different reports that you can use to help you select the right candidate.

DISC Job Profiles

Providing a validated way to profile the unique positions in any business and determine the “ideal” mix of behaviours for a superior performer. We refer to this as “Position Benchmarking”.



DISC Selection Profiles

A shortened version of the full job report designed to provide hiring managers with what they need to understand a candidate’s behavioural mix.


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