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Time Management Training

Learn how to manage time more effectively rather than have it manage you!

Time Management Training
Learn how to manage time more effectively rather than have it manage you!

Get Organised & Control Your Time


This 1-day time management in-house training course is designed to help you make the most out of your time.

Today we have more and more demands made upon us at work – tighter deadlines, more work, juggling priorities – you name it!

With this course you will learn skills and techniques to prioritise your work, how to avoid time wasting events and how to communicate what you want and what you don’t want!

Below are indicative training topics. Select which ones you would like to make up your course or tell us what you need.

Indicative Content

A Waste Of Your Time?

  • How are you currently managing your time?
  • Identifying your current time stealers
  • Appreciating the opportunity cost of your time
  • The difference between being “busy” and “productive”


  • Understanding urgent v import tasks when prioritising work
    • Covey matrix
    • Work scheduling exercise
  • How to organise and schedule your own work and that of others:
    • How to analyse your current “time sapping” tasks and what to do about them
    • Identifying the role delegation plays in this
  • How to prioritise and manage your inbox

Planning & Monitoring

  • Application of simple planning and monitoring techniques:
    • Understanding the time management matrix
    • Applying the Pareto principle (80/20 Rule) to time management issues
  • Forward thinking and forward planning

Getting Results Through Others

  • Co-ordinating the efforts of the department/team with forward planning and scheduling
  • 7 different ways to delegate workload
  • Assertiveness skills
    • How to renegotiate deadlines
    • How to “Say no” in different ways
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All of our management training courses are CPD Certified.

This means that all participants will receive a CPD Certificate after taking this course.

There’s no additional cost for the certificate.

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