The Benefits of Empowerment

Hopefully by now you’re a little more comfortable delegating your authority and giving more work to your team members. As a manager, you should be free to not only focus on your own projects but on your human resource and training responsibilities as well.

Delegating your authority means giving your employees and team members a sense of empowerment. Some managers try to stifle and employee’s feeling of empowerment because they don’t want their subordinates feeling as though they have too much control. I couldn’t disagree with this more.

There are several benefits to giving your employees a sense of empowerment. They include:

  • A decreased aversion to risk and the fears associated with taking a risk;
  • An increase in innovation, flexibility, and creativity;
  • Increased employee morale as team members build stronger rapport with each other and with their customers; and
  • Time for you, as the manager, to complete your other tasks instead of hand-holding your team as they work on each project.

A little bit of empowerment can go a long way in the workplace. You aren’t training people to replace you – you’re training them to be responsible, think on their feet, and not depend on you all the time.

Seems like a fair trade off to me.

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

MTD Training   

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Updated on: 5 May, 2009

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