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Choose from off-the-shelf online courses, bespoke design or management training webinar solutions

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Bespoke Online Management Training gear and pen

Looking for a custom designed online management training solution?

If so, we have got extensive experience in writing, scripting, filming, voice over, animation – you name it!

We have got a proven track record in creating customised online management training programmes that include:

  • Online Management & Leadership Academies
  • Mobile & Tablet Specific Management Training Courses
  • Blended Leadership Programmes
  • Micro-learning Training Courses

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Management Training Webinars online chat

We’ve got 12 ready to go, “off-the-shelf” webinar sessions.

These are 90 minute to 2 hour sessions delivered LIVE through Webinar, WebEx or Skype.

Don’t think that your managers will just sit their passively.

Instead, we engage with them throughout with questions, polls, chatrooms and exercises.

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Online Management Training Course – The Management Skils Award laptop

Our Management Skills Award is accredited with the Chartered Management Institute and is also CPD certified.

It’s ideal for new managers and those that have had no formal training in the past.

This online course consists of 12 x 15 minute modules that cover all of the fundamentals of management and leadership.

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