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Award Winning In-House Training

In-house training is the most cost-effective way of improving your manager’s performance. We can design exactly what you need and deliver it in a way that suits you. That includes face to face delivery at your premises or alternatively we can help your managers through live webinars. So, we can help you on all fronts.

Virgin Atlantic, Amazon, Friends Life, Xerox, Honda UK, Capital One Bank, Taylor Wimpey, Starbucks, Allianz, Local & District Councils and over 9,000 other companies, both large and small, have benefited from the training expertise of our staff in providing them with a tailor made training solution to meet their specific requirements.

Whether it be for a group of new or existing managers we can design and deliver a course that is centred around your exact requirements and based upon your manager’s training needs.

In-house courses are usually run for 1-3 days, if you’re looking for a longer management development programme these are modular and run over a number of months.

Award Winning

Our management training programmes are award winning so you know you’ll bein safe hands. All of our inhouse training courses are designed around your needs

The Learning Awards
Best External Solution

Learning Awards

For the excellent results we achieved for a leadership programme

HR Distinction Awards
Supplier-Led HR Innovation

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Finalists for an innovative solution we created for a programme

Best HR/L&D Supplier

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Winners for best leadership development programme

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Winners for best management development programme

9,000+ Clients…

Large and small, we’ve trained them all! We’ve delivered training in over 25 countries and hundreds of different industries. We have the knowledge and experience


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We can help your managers to:

  • Make the transition from being “managers” into “leaders”
  • Manage effectively during hybrid working arrangements
  • Tackle performance issues more effectively like lateness and poor performance
  • Motivate and build their teams into high performing units
  • Coach and develop their staff regularly and consistently
  • Lead and implement your aggressive change agenda
  • Plan out and manage their time and their workloads more effectively
  • Delegate work in an empowering way
  • Improve their communication and soft skills – working with others to achieve results
  • Handle conflict in an appropriate manner
  • Chair team meetings so that they finish on time with actionable output

What is the process?

All you need to do is provide us with what you want to achieve or tell us about the training requirements of the group and we will produce a course proposal for you along with the costs.

What makes us unique is that every manager who attends the course will receive unlimited amounts of email and telephone support from their course leader.

This means that they can ask for some personal advice and tips whilst implementing what they have covered on the course. After all, it’s after the course where the real work starts!

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CPD Certification

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All of our in-house, bespoke courses and programmes are CPD Certified. After we have developed the material for your programme it will go through the CPD Certification process. What this means is that your managers will receive a CPD Certificate for your specific course/programme. All of this is completed with no additional cost.

By asking for a course proposal you are under no obligation whatsoever at any stage.


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We pride ourselves in providing you with a quality training event that leads to measurable, tangible outputs. To that end we are members of the leading training institutes above where we can deliver accredited and formal management and leadership qualifications.

These institutes always make sure that we are adhering to the rigorous training standards that they set and how we design and deliver our programmes are regularly audited by them for quality purposes.

Working With MTD…

It’s a breeze to work with us. We just make it easy. Simple as that!

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We strongly recommend MTD as a training and coaching provider. For their professionalism and for the successful results we’ve achieved.

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Maria Gomez
HR Manager

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MTD were there for us from day one. They listened to what we wanted, made sure that it was what we needed and delivered to a very high standard.

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Lesley Callister
Training Manager

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Delivers. That is one word that sums up MTD. On time, beyond expectations, at short notice and without fail. Would highly recommend.

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Carrie Foster
L&D Manager

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The programme content has been informative, interactive and fun. It has exceeded our high standards of expectation.

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Tina Beckett
HR Manager

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Below are some examples of in-house courses:



British Board Of Film Classification

The Requirements – “Management Soft-Skills”

You will most likely recognise BBFC from the opening credits of a movie at the cinema – they are the people who classify the film as a PG, U, 12 etc.

They were looking at providing a ‘soft skills’ in-house training event for intermediate and line managers.

They wanted the training to focus upon managerial ‘soft skills’ such as communication – encompassing, amongst other topics, listening, asking and problem-solving; the course would also need to deal with team briefing, coaching and guidance, managing performance issues, creating an open culture, participation in decision making, and the development of good working relationships. BBFC also wanted the training to allow managers to understand their role, exploring the concepts of nurturing ability and skill, motivation and incentive, and the opportunity to participate.

The Solution

A series of 2 day “Management Skills” courses were designed and delivered that covered all the topics listed above and used training techniques such as accelerated learning, management development questionnaires, role plays, team games and NLP. All managers also took an eq test to benchmark their current levels of emotional intelligence. We also delivered some supervisor training for other cohorts.

The main focus was on learning practical skills that the managers could actually use in the workplace rather than lots of theory.


The Brief

Allianz Insurance is one of the largest general insurers in the UK and part of the Allianz SE Group, one of the leading integrated financial services providers worldwide and the largest property and casualty insurer in the world.

They recognised that there was a need for development of their new managers, who had been brought on-board after a large expansion drive.

Allianz wanted to identify their management potential and build the skills of their entire management team, many of whom were new to the company, along with others who had many years’ experience in the industry.

They wanted to develop their ‘softer’ skills, as the technical side of the job was taken care of by training and development inside the company. Any training carried out was to be aimed at evolving their management, coaching, delegating and overall leadership skills.

The Solution

After analysing the overall outcomes required by Allianz, MTD developed a bespoke twelve-month Leadership Development Training programme that covered all aspects of leadership within the insurance industry. It was aimed at new and existing managers who had varied exposure to training and development.

Following an initial training needs analysis, 360 feedback, a Myers-Briggs analysis and a Belbin report, material was developed that helped all participants to partake in line with their own particular learning styles.

The Feedback

The programme was very successful. The feedback was excellent and there was an increase of 21% in the scores obtained from a pre and post-programme 360 degree exercise that was carried out. Allianz have continued to use MTD each year for different cohorts of their managers. Over 100 managers have now been involved in the development programme.


The Requirement – “Management Skills Course For 5 New Managers”

The First Group are the largest bus operator in the UK running more than 1 in 5 of all local bus services and carrying 2.8 million passengers every day. They also operate freight services through GB Railfreight. First operates the Croydon Tramlink network carrying approximately 20 million passengers a year on behalf of Transport for London.

After a restructure they had 5 brand new managers who had never had any formal management or leadership training before so the requirement was to provide an in-house course that covered all of the main management disciplines so that they could be thoroughly prepared for their new roles.

The Solution

A 3 day “Management & Leadership Skills” course was designed and delivered. This covered all of the main management activities – leadership skills, management styles, learning styles, coaching, appraisals, running one to ones,  running team meetings, dealing with under performers, how to motivate your staff and team, time management, delegation, how to deal with difficult people and communication and assertiveness skills.

Their 5 managers went away with a toolbox of management skills ready and prepared for their new roles.

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The Requirement – “A Management Skills Course To Provide Consistency”

Mirus is a non profit making organisation. Their aim is to empower people with learning disabilities to lead valued lives as participating members of local communities and to enjoy full citizens rights. The challenge that Mirus were facing was that it had managers of different ages and with different levels of experience.

Mirus wanted some management courses delivered to ensure that every manager and team leader had a set of tools that they could use to stop the spanish customs that had spread throughout the company when it came to managing their staff.


The Solution

A 2-day Essential Management Skills Course was developed and delivered. The course covered all the main disciplines associated with management and leadership excellence.

This included: Leadership for success, time management, effective delegation, coaching and providing feedback, performance management, effective communications skills, dealing with conflict and building high performance teams.


The Requirements – A 6 Month Management Development Programme

Malvern Hills District Council identified that the quality of their leadership would be a vital factor in becoming one of the best performing District Councils in the country.

To that end they wanted to develop their 50 managers to lead and drive the council forward and to bring some “commercial awareness” to how the district was being run. We were selected to design, implement and deliver their management development programme.

The Solution

After gathering and determining the requirements we designed and delivered a modular 6-month Management Development Programme and following on from that a Team Effectiveness and Organisational Learning strategy to be implemented throughout the council.

Within this particular solution we wanted to ensure that:

  • The managers were not taken away from the workplace for long periods of time.
  • The MDP should be a mixture of training based modules and other learning activities that can be completed “at the office”
  • A support structure is put in place that supports and aids the learning after a training event has taken place.
  • Steps will be taken to measure the success of the MDP and to ensure that Malvern District Council has received “Value for money”
  • The MDP should support the competency framework that has been developed and use this as a baseline to build skills and behaviours.

The Contents

The Management Development Programme Consisted Of:

  • 6 Training Modules – each of 2-days in duration spread across the 6 months
  • Each manager to receive 2 formal coaching sessions with a qualified coach
  • 2 Work Based assignments to be completed throughout the programme
  • Ongoing mentoring, support and guidance from each trainer
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the success of the programme – 360 degree feedback, interviews, assessments, behavioural and performance changes in the delegates

The Team Effectiveness & Organisational Learning Programme Consisted Of:

  • Team planning and implementation away days
  • Team building activities and events across areas of the council to break down barriers and promote high performance working
  • Cross departmental working analysis on how work is constructed and how it all fits together across multiple areas
  • Best practise sharing and performance improvement workshops to develop organisational learning capacity across the council
  • Mentoring programme implemented throughout the council to foster and promote learning and development


“An excellent programme. I loved the inclusive approach. I am now going to be able to work much more closely with support staff so they understand my needs and I understand theirs”

Colin Davis – Strategic Director Operational Services

“The various assessments and questionnaires gave a great insight into my “comfort zones” in terms of styles and behaviours. I can now reflect on this and be aware that I may need to step back and modify my approach to certain situations”

Siobhan Moss – Accountancy Services Manager

“The programme completely met my needs. I really liked the way that leadership was applied to real life situations. I now know how to “lead” rather than “manage”. Thank you! It was a great opportunity for development”

Peter Gillett – Head Of Financial Services & IT

“It was a very enjoyable programme. A great team effort. I will now be able to look at the “bigger picture” rather than just my little piece of the council! Mark was an excellent tutor throughout the modules – thank you”

Hilary Law – Careline Services Officer

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