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Improve your management skills and advance your CPD with just sixteen 30-minute online training sessions

ILM Assured Online Course Overview

Management Fundamentals is a comprehensive online course for managers in all types of organisations.

  • This course consists of 16 individual sessions covering a variety of management and leadership topics
  • Officially accredited by the ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) and CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
  • Provides managers with a firm foundation of the best management practices
  • Sessions last between 15 and 30 minutes and you have up to 13 weeks to complete the programme
  • Engage in interactive, practical training sessions that will keep your attention and interest levels high
  • Complete the ILM course with an end of programme assessment consisting of 30 multiple choice questions.

Commercial and
Non-Profit Clients

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Improve Your Management Skills & Receive
An ILM & CPD Accreditation

ILM Assured and CPD Certified

This course is ILM Assured and CPD Certified. You’ll receive 2 formal certificates when you pass.

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ILM & CPD Course Content

The ILM & CPD accreditation includes the first 13 sessions below. There are an additional 3 bonus sessions added that cover virtual and remote leadership. These are for your learning and as an additional resource if they apply to your role. Those 3 sessions are not assessed.

3 Bonus Sessions

Receive A FREE Sample Session or order all 16 sessions
for just £97 + VAT. Includes both ILM & CPD accreditation.

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Receive A FREE Sample Session or order all 16 sessions
for just £97 + VAT. Includes both ILM & CPD accreditation.

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