Open Courses
Facilitators running a managers training event

Delivered at various locations throughout the UK. All levels from Team Leader to MD.

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In-House Training
Delegates working on a training exercise

Bespoke, customised training based around your exact requirements and needs.

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Portrait of worried and desperate woman feeling stressed paying credit card debts and bills on laptop computer on sofa at home. In business and home finances and financial problems concept.

Stress Management In The Workplace

Why people experience stress Stress is a natural, physical response to our perceptions of a stimulus. It has an evolutionary ...
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Coaching Concept

4 Essential Skills For New Managers

Being a manager is never an easy job, but being a new manager is especially difficult. When you think about ...
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Delegating and teamwork. Figures on a desk.

How To Solve The Main Delegation Problems That Exist

In our complex, VUCA environments we face today, no-one in your organisation, even the CEO, knows everything about everything. This ...
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