Open Courses
Facilitators running a managers training event

Delivered at various locations throughout the UK. All levels from Team Leader to MD.

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In-House Training
Delegates working on a training exercise

Bespoke, customised training based around your exact requirements and needs.

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Man pushing the graph

How To Analyse And Improve A Team Member’s Performance

If you’ve ever had issues with a team member’s performance, you will know how this issue can sometimes be difficult ...
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Young masked business woman expressing different emotions

How To Manage An Extrovert

Have you ever carried out one of those personality profiles that categorise you into a few ‘types’ of person? One ...
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Successful Business Team Congratulating Colleague

How To Appreciate The Value Of Every Team Member

Once, an old man in a village planted a tiny turnip seed and said to it ‘Grow, little turnip seed, ...
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