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Digital Take Steps To Better Communication

A Model To Help Improve Your Communication

Digital Take Steps To Better CommunicationBeing able to communicate effectively is one of the key components that make up the great manager’s portfolio.

Without excellent communication, even a good manager will fail to progress the business because of the need to keep momentum through communicating the vision and objectives.

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How Managers Can Deal With A VUCA Environment

VUCA MTDVUCA is an acronym that stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, which characterise the nature of some difficult conditions and situations.

Born in the 1990’s in the military world of the American military, it originally described the conditions the world faced after the cold war.

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Red paper ship going in different direction

6 Keys To Leading Positive Change

Red paper ship going in different directionThere’s a very interesting TEDx talk by RosaBeth Moss Kanter on leading positive change, and I’ve noted six keys to change that she mentions, along with my thoughts as to their application in the world of business and leadership:

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Coaching session with team members

A Coaching Model That Helps Your Team Take Responsibility

Coaching session with team membersYou’re sure to have come across different coaching models at work that help you achieve goals with your team, and allow you to get more involvement from people in making decisions and solving problems.

A famous one is, of course, the GROW model, where we set Goals, check Reality, look at Options and establish a Way Forward.

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Person concentrating with earphones on

How To Know What To Concentrate On As A Manager

Person concentrating with earphones onMany managers face the dilemma at times of what to focus their valuable time on when it appears that everything is urgent, everything is important and nothing can be delegated to anyone else.

This predicament can have many repercussions on managers’ time and effort, as they switch from issue to issue, prepared to fight fires at every corner.

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Who is accountable keypad

How To Create A Culture Of Accountability

Who is accountable keypadWhy is it so difficult to get my people to take full responsibility for results?

This was a question one of my consultants faced when he was working with a client recently.

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Boss congratulating employee

How To Specifically Express Appreciation For A Good Job

Boss congratulating employeePraise and recognition have often been stated as a key motivational practice for many people.

Why? Because being recognised for doing a good job strokes our ego, builds on our self-esteem, creates goodwill between the two people, develops self-worth and makes our self-confidence do a lap of honour.

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Businessman holding a lightbulb

How To Be Part Of The Solution, Not The Problem

Businessman holding a lightbulbYou’ve no doubt heard the expression that we should be part of the solution, not the problem.

And I’m sure we all agree that would be the best way to work.

The question is…how?

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