Which Communication Style Do You Possess?

Business Corporate ManagementManagers must have good communication skills to run a successful organisation and lead effective teams.

However, it has been identified that people have different communication styles, each one having its own advantages and disadvantages.

As well, it is advantageous to be able to tailor your style depending on who you are talking to, and in what context.

An easy example is that you wouldn’t speak to a small child the same way as to a colleague, for example.

By narrowing down on which communication style you have, you may be able to adjust it to better communicate with others.

An article in Forbes states that there are four main types of communication styles: analytical, intuitive, functional and personal.


An analytical communicator focuses on facts and tangible data versus emotions and feelings.

This person needs details, and won’t settle for anything else.

If you are that type of boss, you would never say to a staff member that they come in late; instead, you would calculate the actual amount of days, and say that the person came in late 13 of the last 40 days.

The advantages of being an analytical communicator is that you are careful with your words and will research something before saying it.

You are also better able to handle your emotions and assess a situation logically.

However, you must be careful to remember that other people are much more emotional, and be empathetic when the situation calls for it.


The intuitive communicator goes with their gut and doesn’t get bogged down by too many details.

This person can hear a quick summary, and make a choice based on that, rather than asking for data and examples.

This type of manager doesn’t take too long to decide, and can think quick on their feet.

The advantages of being an intuitive communicator is that you can come up with unique ideas and do so quickly.

The disadvantage is that you may get annoyed when people take too long to speak, and be rude about cutting them off.


The functional communicator loves order, evidence, data and facts.

They will never make a decision without researching all the possible alternatives.

These people are perfect for research positions, and will make sure not to miss a single thing in a conversation.

The big pluses of this type of communicator is that they will zero in on any conversation, and give their undivided attention.

The minus is that this person can bore people with details.


A personal communicator doesn’t focus on facts, but rather on feelings.

This type of leader cares very much about how their team members are feeling, what their true emotions and thoughts are.

They will go out of their way to make sure that everyone is on board with an idea before going forward.

While this type of boss is likely beloved because of their empathy to their team members, they may get side tracked by caring too much about feelings, and not focusing more on actions.

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Updated on: 6 July, 2016

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