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Communication Skills

Detective spotting cyber threat to offshore oil rig. Industry and technology concept for cyberattack on critical infrastructure, homeland security breach, incident in industrial internet of things.

Progress And Development – Is This A Threat To Your Business?

concept for cyberattack on critical infrastructureWhere is the biggest challenge in business today?

Where are we least effective in combatting it?

You may be surprised that the answer to both questions is the same! The fact is that poor communication from the top down in an organisation is the biggest threat to progress and development within business.
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African hr manager listening to caucasian applicant at job interview

How To Listen To What People DON’T Say

African hr manager listening to caucasian applicant at job interviewManagers are taught that they must always listen to their staff and pay attention to what they are saying. Staff have needs and wants that we as managers need to understand and appreciate. However, there are times when we can’t be straight and direct with people (they can’t be that way with us) because we have guidelines on how we need to interact and will often fall out with people if we told them what we REALLY think! Learn More

Communication Skills vs. Interpersonal Skills

group of people negotiate at the desk

Previously, we have discussed the various skills important to effective management.

Each is important as you work on your personal management skills and leadership development.

Today we’ll take a brief look at the differences between communication and interpersonal skills.

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Road Barrier With Hard Hat And Traffic Cone On Laptop Keypad

Why Identifying Barriers To Communication Can Help You

Road Barrier With Hard Hat And Traffic Cone On Laptop KeypadWe’ve all come across those situations where we think we’ve communicated effectively and yet it’s obvious there’s been some mis-interpretation or mis-understanding.

No matter how well we think we communicate, barriers exist, and it’s necessary to not only understand what they are and why they exist, but also what we can do about them. Learn More

Office team

The 10 Best Phrases To Use Around Your Team

Motivated office teamExcellent communication in the office is imperative.

What you say (and what you don’t say) to your employees greatly influences the corporate culture, their satisfaction with work, productivity levels and loyalty to the company.

Some say that with texting, emails and “Whatsapping” that the art of true conversation, i.e something that comes out of your mouth, is lost!

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Manager with confused team

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Employees Don’t Understand The Task

Manager with confused teamA company relies on its employees to be productive and efficient when it comes to their tasks.

The quicker and better your workers are able to implement their duties, the more products or services you can offer, thereby raising profits.

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Boss being ignored by his employee

3 Things To Do When An Employee Isn’t Listening To You

Boss being ignored by his employeeExperienced managers know all too well the frustration that occurs when an employee doesn’t listen to them.

There are stellar employees who understand everything from the first time and carry out the instructions to a tee.

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team discussing

5 Things Managers Should Never Say To Their Team

team discussingManagers play a large role in their organisations, not only in terms of delegation and strategy, but in how much stress they can parlay unto their colleagues.

One study found that 7 out of 10 employees blame their boss for increasing their stress levels.

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