7 Ways To Maintain Self-Control In Stressful Situations

Business woman meditating at deskBy building emotional intelligence, it is possible to decide how to deal with stressful scenarios without losing your self-control.

Stress is often something driven from outside influences, so the way to deal with it is often through understanding how you react to stress and deciding what you want from the situation.

Here are some ideas on maintaining control and building mental strength under pressure:

Be aware of how you are feeling and commit to keeping cool under that pressure.

Your emotional brain will run away from itself if you’re not careful, and the amygdala (the part of our brain that helps control temper) could be bypassed if we allow ourselves to ‘lose it’ for any reason.

Stop yourself from jumping to conclusions

In any situation before you have understood exactly what has occurred – don’t jump to conclusions.

Get to the root cause

Determine to get to the root cause of any situation before allowing yourself to make conclusions.

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Most disagreements are caused by a rules breakdown

You may have guidelines and rules as to how things should be done and everyone else’s rules are different to yours. So don’t jump to hasty conclusions before investigating.

Bring any stressful situations to the notice of the people involved

This gives everyone the opportunity to deal with them openly and honestly.

Practice stress-management techniques

Things like a quick walk outside, physical workouts and meditation have proved workable solutions to stressful situations, simply because the emotional connection with the scenario has been disassociated, and the solutions from the logical part of the thinking brain are clearer to see.

Discuss various ways of dealing with stress with your team members

So everyone can become pro-active in discussing the way forward if these situations ever occur again.

If you are able to maintain a steady response to stress, you give yourself and your team the chance to deal with problems in a way that can be solution-focused and not problematical.

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Updated on: 6 April, 2011

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