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Learn How To Manage Your Stress Levels

More and more employees are experiencing stress at work.

They may be coping with too much pressure, long hours or rapid change.

The nature of employment has now changed, and the idea of a job for life has been replaced by an emphasis on performance.

How do you manage your stress levels?

Our stress management training courses are designed to help you reduce stress, identify where it is coming from and provide you with tools, techniques and strategies to keep it under wraps!

Below are indicative stress management training topics.

Select which ones you would like to make up your course or tell us what you need.

Indicative Content

Stress Management Course Outline

Understanding Stress

  • What is stress?
  • Fight or flight?
  • How we think about stress
  • Stress – The underlying mechanisms
  • Stress and your health

Understanding Pressure

  • Understanding the relationship between stress and pressure
  • Linking pressure with performance – productive and unproductive levels of
  • The crucial differences between pressure and stress, and how those differences can manifest
  • How we inadvertently put pressure on ourselves— and others
  • Common pressure traps and how they make us “choke”
  • What pressure does to our brains— and how it affects our thinking

Combating Stress

  • Assessing longer term stress
  • Examining your working style and looking for ways to improve
  • Understanding your unique stress position – Stress SWOT Analysis
  • Applying tools to your Life
  • Identifying the most important sources of stress
  • Working out how to manage each source of stress

Making Decisions Under Pressure

  • Emotional dimension and pressures of decision making
  • Complexity
  • Multiple objectives
  • Personal and peer pressure
  • Self-belief or self-doubt

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