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Is Performance-Related Pay Right For Your Organisation?

August 30, 2016

Most organisations pay their employees a set salary per month, or an agreed-upon hourly rate.

While this type of setup works for many firms, it is not a one-fits-all solution. Learn More

3 Quick Tips On Effective Goal Setting

December 10, 2015

Those individuals that hold managerial positions must always have the company’s goals at the forefront of their minds.

Whether the company aims to increase revenue, diversify services offered or franchise, managers must work towards those goals daily. Learn More

How To Use New Years’ Resolutions To Move Up The Corporate Ladder

January 7, 2015

78b2618b-5573-4984-a99d-5c807cafe8b0Every New Years’ people around the world decide to set a new bar of expectations for the upcoming year. For many individuals, this involves weight loss, exercise, and other mundane goals. However, a get set of New Years’ resolutions have the potential to set you apart from the pack and help you climb the corporate ladder. Learn More

Why Your Pep Talks Don’t Work & What To Do Differently

November 20, 2013

You Can Do It - Stuart Miles

A pep talk is intended to make someone feel more courageous or enthusiastic about something and in the business world it usually refers to their job!
Learn More

How To Conduct Talent Reviews With Your Team

February 18, 2013

There is a case for stating that the most valuable resource within your team is the talent that resides there. The problem comes when managers don’t recognise that talent because they do not know that it is there. Learn More

3 Important Elements Of Positive Performance Management

January 9, 2013

The days of the manager who says, ‘My way or the highway!’ have certainly changed. Managing through fear belongs back in the dark ages when the autocratic manager was king. Learn More

5 Ways To Handle An Employee’s Inability To Perform

January 2, 2013

One of the most popular sessions we cover in our management training is managing poor performance. We are asked many questions about specific people in their teams who are just not performing as they should. Learn More

Dealing With Poor Performance And Poor Performers

November 16, 2012


A poor-performing employee can bring the whole department’s morale down. Not only do they affect their own performance and the quality of results obtained, they also cause you more headaches than is necessary. And, as you have employed them to do a specific job, your productivity will inevitably suffer in the long run. Learn More