DISC Assessments

Develop superior performance by measuring the behaviours and motivations of your people

What is DISC?

75% of the Fortune 500 are reported as using DISC because it is the world’s #1 behavioural assessment.

DISC is the leading personal assessment tool, which examines the behaviours and motivations of individuals to help both themselves and others to understand what they bring to the workplace, how they will approach their role and why they do what they do.


How can you use DISC?

DISC profiling can be used to:

  • Recruit and select top talent
  • Coach and develop existing managers and employees
  • Improve communication between team members
  • Assist with conflict management and managing change within an organisation

From recruitment and selection, right through to leadership development and performance management, DISC assessments will help you gain an insight into your new and existing managers’ behaviours, motivators and personal skills.

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