Coaching Professional Level 5 Apprenticeship

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Coaching Professional
Level 5 Apprenticeship

Ideal for those who want to develop and improve the performance of their people

Select from Workshops, Virtual, Coaching or Self-Study

Whether you’re an aspiring coach or looking for ways to develop your existing skills, then our Coaching Professional Level 5 apprenticeship will be a good fit.

This programme focuses on the philosophies of coaching, core coaching activities, advanced listening and questioning techniques based on neuroscience, models and theories of coaching in the workplace, deep emotional intelligence and equipping the coach with a toolkit to respond to a wide range of coaching scenarios.

A coaching professional will work with a wide range of individuals and teams across organisations, empowering and engaging them to enhance their professional performance.

Responsibilities include planning coaching needs analysis and strategy, delivering effective and responsive coaching sessions using a variety of coaching tools and techniques, providing further support through goal setting and designing and reviewing coaching interventions that meet the required organisational goals.

This programme is fully customisable.

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What Will Your Employees Improve?

Knowledge & Skills

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  • Learning & reflective practice
  • Coaching contracting & re-contracting
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Organisational culture & leadership
  • Maintaining good practice
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Models, tools & techniques
  • Goal setting
  • Communication
  • Delivering feedback
  • Questioning techniques
  • Effective meeting objectives
  • Legislation
  • Return on investment


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  • Self-reflection
  • Self-awareness
  • Self- development
  • Open & flexible
  • Inclusivity
  • Ambassador for coaching
  • Engenders trust

Delivery Options

We’ll use a mix that works for your organisation

Face to Face Masterclasses

Virtual Masterclasses

Digital Learning

Virtual Coaching

Action Learning Sets

Self Study

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Developing Your Programme

Key to the success of your apprenticeship programme will be for our team to work in partnership with you to develop your programme so that it reflects your mission, values and behaviours, harnesses core working practices, terminology and that it is relevant to each and every learner and their role.

Working in partnership with our curriculum experts we will develop a programme that is unique to your organisation and your learners.

The programme will be designed around your exact requirements to ensure that you receive real, tangible outcomes that can be evidenced in the workplace – whether that’s in a physical office or if your learners work from home.

Below is some further information about the Coaching Professional Level 5 programme.

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Programme Structure

This programme has been designed in a way that will maximise the performance of each learner. Learning the theory of a topic is great but it’s what the learner does to embed the learning and actually use it, that matters most.

All learning is reinforced with ongoing coaching, online resources and off-the-job activity to bring it all to life.

Each part of the programme supports the learner to apply their knowledge and skills via INTENT – IMPLEMENT – IMPACT.

  • What did they plan to change?
  • What did they change and how?
  • What impact did it make?

Icon 6 Masterclasses
Onboarding & Induction
Initial workshop and event about the programme and how to get a high grade.

Icon 6 Masterclasses
Practical Learning Events
Practical and engaging. Can be classroom based or delivered virtually. Run by best in class trainers.

Icon Online Learning
Digital Learning
To take in-between learning events and to help embed the learning. Self-study and in the flow of work resources.

Icon Regular Reviews
Ongoing Reviews
Held between the learner, employer and skills coach to monitor progress and to make any adjustments.

Icon Assessment
End Point Assessment
End of programme assessment. Consists of activities like observations, evidence, tests and discussions.

Icon 6 Coaching Sessions
Skills Individual Learning Plan
Creation of a pre-programme learning and development plan. Includes goal setting and actions.

Icon 6 Coaching Sessions
Regular Coaching Sessions
One to one development with a designated skills coach. Covers skills and an assessment progress review.

Icon Assessment
Off-The-Job Training
20% of the learner’s total working hours is used for “off-the-job” learning and development activities.

Icon Qualification
Support & Help
Our designated skills coaches will always be on hand to help your learners all throughout the programme.

Icon Qualification
Learners gain a pass, merit or distinction from their end point assessment based on their results.

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Tailored Blended Learning Programmes

Our programmes have been structured in a way so we can design and deliver them in a format to suit your exact requirements and ways of working.

Whether you have 1 learner or a group of 10, we can create a practical and engaging programme using a various mix of blended learning approaches.

Below are some core content outcomes for each of the main areas of the programme. We will work with you upfront to decide which delivery method and approach will be right for your learners.

Core Content

Select from workshops, virtual, coaching or self-study options

No minimum numbers for cohorts. The minimum is 1!

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Learning Styles

  • Informal and formal learning
  • Learning styles models
  • Learning agility

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Principles of Coaching

  • Understand what coaching is, its purpose and benefits.
  • Understand how strengths, limitations, values, and beliefs affect coaching.
  • Understand how coaching relates to organisational goals.

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Principles of Coaching

  • Understanding theories of emotional and social intelligence
  • Understand the theories of learning and reflective practice.
  • Understanding legislation, ethical issues and boundaries.

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Coaching the Coach

  • Tri-Party Coaching session.
  • Observation and feedback of coaching activity.

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The Fundamental Skills of Coaching

  • Recruitment
  • The fundamental skills to deliver coaching excellence.
  • Good practice coaching protocols and code of conduct
  • The coaching process and roles and responsibilities

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The Fundamental Skills of Coaching

  • Communication including active listening and questioning skills.
  • How to deliver non-directive and non-judgmental feedback.
  • Encouraging engagement and building rapport and trust

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Coaching the Coach

  • Tri-Party Coaching session.
  • Observation and feedback of coaching activity.

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The Coaching Toolbox

  • The range and applications of coaching models and techniques
  • Related psychological approaches.
  • How to select the right application and approach

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The Coaching Toolbox

  • Theories of increasing self-awareness
  • How to set and write goals using the SMART technique

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Coaching the Coach

  • Tri-Party Coaching session.
  • Observation and feedback of coaching activity.

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Designing & Delivering Effective Coaching I

  • Design coaching interventions that frame, challenge AND meet the desired outcomes
  • Review alternative coaching practices.
  • Provide coaching support through clearly defined actions and timescales.

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Designing & Delivering Effective Coaching II

  • How to be a coaching ambassador and develop a positive approach to personal development
  • Time management and self-leadership to resolve conflicting priorities

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Coaching the Coach

  • Tri-Party Coaching session.
  • Observation and feedback of coaching activity.

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Evaluation & Improvement

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of coaching interventions
  • Evidencing ongoing self-development and effectiveness
  • Reviewing/renewing coaching needs analyses

Programme Details

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Length Of


We’ll create a development schedule that aligns with your business requirements and availability of your people. Typically this programme takes 14 months to complete.

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Learners will be required to have or achieve level 2 English and Maths prior to taking the end point assessment.

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Need Maths &
English Support?


Learners will be supported to develop and improve their English and Maths skills prior to sitting their Functional Skills exams by our specialist functional skills trainers.

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Developing Knowledge,
Skills & Behaviours


Achieved through a programme of masterclass workshops, tasks, activities and research. The masterclasses can be delivered face to face or online delivered by our specialist trainers.

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Personalised Skills
Coaching & Support


Learners will be required to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and behaviours in the work setting. This activity will be supported by one of our experienced skills coaches.

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End Point


Throughout their apprenticeship journey, learners will be given support to develop their understanding and approach to completing their end point assessment.

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