Be positive or negative

Turning Negative Events Into Positive Opportunities For Your Team

September 17, 2014

Be positive or negativeInformation coming into the brain is processed on multiple levels as the mind seeks to combine sensory information, visual stimuli, and past experiences into a complete interpretation of the current events. Learn More

Businessman drawing a growth graph

Understanding Your Leadership Style To Get Results

September 15, 2014

Businessman drawing a growth graphAre you a mushroom, a kipper or a seagull? Don’t worry; this isn’t about what you were for last years’ Halloween party. These are commonly used leadership styles and probably you want to be neither! Learn More


Simple Steps to Maximise the Effectiveness of Disabled Employees

September 12, 2014

disabledWith over 10 million individuals registered as disabled in the UK, an ever growing number of employers are finding themselves in the process of recruiting or hiring members of the disabled work force. Helping disabled employees to make the most of their time at work begins by taking steps to ensure that adjustments are made to make sure they are able to complete their work tasks. Learn More

hit target

How To Use Talent Management Metrics To Measure Peformance

September 10, 2014

hit targetEver thought how the talent in your organisation compares with the best in class? It’s probably something you’ve thought of often but didn’t know how to start? Learn More

magnet man

Managing the Talent Paradox: How To Engage & Retain Employees

September 8, 2014

magnet manYou’d think that in an economy inundated with unemployment and downsizing, organisations will find it easier to find the right kind of talent for their requirements. But employers still face challenges in recruiting and retaining the right quality of talent. This is the talent paradox – a contradiction that was first uncovered by Deloitte. Learn More

Human races joined together.

Reaping The Benefits Of A Diverse Workforce

September 5, 2014

Human races joined together.As the world continues to develop a global economy, organisations are more likely than ever to hire individuals from a diverse array of cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. Learn More

people data

Data Provides The Foundation But People Make The Business

September 3, 2014

people dataMost decision makers love this statement or various versions of it!

And data is the basis for a majority of transactions in business. And of course there isn’t a dearth of data, is there? “Big Data”, “Real World Outcomes”, small (limited) data, real-time data, structured data, unstructured data and the list is endless. Learn More


How Interns Can Benefit Your Business

September 1, 2014

gradStudents who participate in internship programmes gain valuable work experience that provides them with a competitive edge as they enter the job market. Learn More