Working Toward a Positive Corporate Culture: Identifying and Preventing Workplace Bullying

bullyingAt what point does office humour cross the line? It may seem that good natured ribbing is just a way to lighten the mood, but it is far too easy to accidentally become a workplace bully. In reality, as much as we would like to believe that bullying only takes place in the playground, sometimes conflict management is needed in the workplace as well.

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Using Telework To Increase Employee Productivity & Engagement


The modern paradigm of work is beginning to shift away from the 40-hour work week spent in a cubicle. With a new focus placed on the work produced instead of the work process, workers are beginning to demonstrate that offering flexible work arrangements can greatly benefit both the employee and the organisation as a whole.

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What’s Your Coaching Style?


Management and coaching is a very subjective topic.

Each individual manager and coach has their own individual style.

In the report below, we have an activity where you can see what your own coaching style is with a quick explanation for each style.
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The Five Worst Traps To Avoid As A Manager

mouse trapAs manager’s we always fall into little traps and develop bad habits that will hinder rather than help and progress our performance.

However there are certain habits and characteristics that have to be avoided like the plague – and if you currently see yourself falling into any of these categories then turn it around immediately.
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How Using Psychology Can Help With Your Management Approach


Understanding the human brain and how humans work and behave is a very nifty skill to have. The study of psychology monitors mental functions and behaviours.

Psychology is used to continually improve people from all walks of life.
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Managing By Walking About – How To Make Your Walking Productive

Many managers tell me that they want to get closer to their staff to motivate them and keep them enthusiastic in their jobs, but they lack the social skills to determine how best to do it.
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The Greatest Resource You Will Ever Have As A Manager

Businessman in Thought

Today, managers are tasked to build and develop their resources more effectively. In fact, there is a facet of management devoted specifically to ‘resource management’.
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Dealing With Workplace Conflict: There Are Three Sides To Every Story


With the Bank Holiday weekend just gone it gives the majority of the country a three day weekend and a bit of time to unwind.

Whilst browsing through the humdrum of bank holiday television, I came across the guilty please that is The Jeremy Kyle Show.
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How to ensure MAGIC meetings

magicMeetings can be testing, even for the most prepared manager, and most people will agree that the amount of time wasted in meetings could be drastically reduced if several steps are taken. And those steps are fairly simple and straightforward.

Tony Jeary talks about running meetings according to the acronym ‘magic’. Trying out these ideas may reduce the time wasted.
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When Your Team Meeting Agenda Is Ignored

meeting1When we run trainings on Meeting Management, one of the common themes that comes up is, what’s the best way to keep the meeting on track when it strays off the agenda?

Now, for whatever reason, some meeting chairmen find it difficult to keep the meeting to the agenda without it sounding like a schoolmaster being irate with his 10-year-old kids! Learn More