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How To Renegotiate A Higher Salary As A Manager

November 28, 2014

500 Euro BanknoteAs a manager, you have likely negotiated pay for your employees during the interview process, and again throughout their time working for you. While you may be an expert in negotiations with others, have you thought about your own salary lately? Do you feel like you have been given fair raises that have been commensurate with your experience and effort in your post? If not, you may have to renegotiate your own pay with your immediate boss. Read this guide on how to do that successfully. Learn More


3 Unique Ideas For The Office Christmas Party

November 26, 2014

BDuring the holiday season many companies thank employees for their hard work by throwing holiday parties. Managers like the chance to express their gratification to their staff during these events. Learn More

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4 Affordable Christmas Gifts For Your Employees

November 24, 2014

Businessman with small giftWith the Christmas season just around the corner, you need to start planning the gifts you will give to your staff members. A present will show your employees that you value their effort and hard work throughout the year. While your firm may throw a Christmas party for all workers, and may even give out end-of-the-year bonuses, a token of appreciation from the direct supervisor would surely mean a lot to your team. Learn More

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How To Enhance Your Employees Work-Life Balance

November 21, 2014

Business people having funDespite a European directive that mandated to regulate maximum work hours, many Britons are still spending the majority of their time at work. While some employees are compensated for their time, others are not. This leaves some workers struggling to meet their professional and personal needs. Learn More


Pros & Cons Of Monitoring Your Employees At Work

November 19, 2014

Dollarphotoclub_60235400-reWith the latest advances in technology, more and more organisations in the United Kingdom are monitoring their employees. Monitoring employees involves tracking their Internet activity, such as what they spend their work time doing online, what websites they visit, and who they email; listening to phone calls from work and mobile phones; drug testing; and videotaping their activities while at the office. Learn More

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3 Effective Ways To Reprimand Employees Without Causing Conflict

November 17, 2014

Gavel and bookWhen managing a team of individuals, supervisors are the ones responsible for making sure that employees are conducting themselves professionally, and working efficiently and ethically. When staffmembers act accordingly and follow all the rules, managers may praise them and reward them. Learn More


Creating Action Plans From Performance Appraisals

November 14, 2014

BPerformance appraisals are often seen as one of the necessary evils of working life by organisational leaders and employees alike. Many managers approach the performance appraisal process as an opportunity to outline every little thing that they feel the employee has done wrong since the last appraisal, but that’s not what the process is meant to be. The true purpose of a performance appraisal is to have a productive conversation about employee performance and to create an actionable plan for employee improvement. Learn More

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How To Help Employees Deal With Change

November 12, 2014

tug of warIn today’s labour market, there is constant change. Gone are the days when workers spent their entire lives at one company. Now, companies are merging, being bought out, closing, or moving overseas. These activities lead to change in work scope, the working environment, and change in leadership. Learn More