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How To Earn Respect As A Manager

October 30, 2014

business man salutes youGetting assigned the position of a manager does not automatically come with respect from underlings. If you are a new manager who has just started in the company, or a younger supervisor who is managing older employees, your new role in the organisation may be difficult to fulfil if your staff doesn’t show you proper respect. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to gain respect as a manager from your staff. Read below to find out more. Learn More

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Sometimes As A Manager You Just Have To Say No

October 28, 2014

Businessman multitaskingGreat leaders are often bombarded with requests for assistance, phone calls, emails, and pleas to take on new projects. As much as we all wish we could clone ourselves and tackle everything on our to-do lists at once, this simply isn’t possible. Instead, busy professionals must learn the fine art of when – and how – to say no. Learn More


How To Deliver Negative Feedback To Employees

October 23, 2014

downSupervisors need to oversee employees to make sure they stay on track with their duties and help them improve if they stray. Learn More

Direction Leader

4 Essential Steps In Becoming A Great Leader For Your Team

October 21, 2014

Direction LeaderManagers are directly responsible for the effectiveness of their team. In order for employees to strive to work efficiently and diligently, they must have a great leader in their manager, one that inspires them to work hard, gives proper direction and motivation, and rewards them for a job well done. There are characteristics that set apart great managers with the most successful teams, and below are four steps that great managers take to lead their teams. Learn More

Extreme programming

How To Ensure Your Employees Are Flexible & Open To Change

October 17, 2014

Extreme programmingWith ever-changing deadlines and new projects emerging, it is important for leaders to encourage flexibility in their work staff. While the majority of workers are fairly easy-going when it comes to sudden changes in work flow or deadlines, some employees actively resist any change to their routine. These inflexible employees often experience extreme stress when presented with a sudden change, and frequent changes can quickly lead to burnout and job turnover. Learn More

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How Talking Openly With Employees Can Help You Improve As A Manager

October 15, 2014

Business people using a digital tabletThe ability to achieve an open dialogue with employees is one of the hardest skills to master, and yet is a critical skill for a manager to master if they want to become a true leader.

When open communication is common-place in the organisation, employees will feel engaged and free to implement creative and innovative solutions to workplace problems. Learn More

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4 Ways To Boost Employee Morale

October 10, 2014

Business People. Successful Team Celebrating a DealA happy workplace is usually a productive workplace.

A good manager makes sure work gets done, but a great manager also makes sure employees are happy on the job. Learn More


How You Can Benefit From Each Person In Your Team

October 8, 2014

contentPersonality in the workplace is a hot topic in business, with an array of titles for the “top business personalities” headlined across the financial sections of publications time and again. All of these “energiser” and “stabiliser” pop psych terms are attempting to capture three major personality concepts that psychologists have studied for years. Learn More