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The 3 Most Common Misconceptions About Change Management

Change is overwhelmingly pervasive and constant in today’s labour market, but many organisations are not ready for them.

Because people are naturally fearful of change both in their personal and professional lives, managers are either not able to implement the required changes or don’t have the skills to empower their team members to do so.

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What Will An Appraisal Look Like In 10 Years Time?

The traditional appraisal process has been around for decades.

It involves an annual meeting with a supervisor where employees must listen to their strengths and downfalls, and areas where they must improve.

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3 Brainstorming Techniques For Unearthing Better Ideas From Your Team

Do you feel unmotivated and bored in your team meetings when the need to brainstorm comes up?

This is a pretty common attitude held by leaders worldwide; they feel like their employees simply cannot or do not want to contribute creative new ideas, thereby leaving all of the brainstorming on their shoulders.

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3 Essential Tips For Running Better Coaching Sessions

A manager is many things – an employee, a colleague, a supervisor, a friend and a coach.

A coach’s job is to motivate and empower their team to succeed in whatever it is they set out to do.

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes That Leaders Make

There is no official handbook you receive once you make it to a managerial position.

If you haven’t gone to business school or taken management courses, you may feel the struggle that many leaders face when trying to manage their teams.

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The 3 Main Differences Between Management & Leadership

The words manager and leader are used interchangeably most of the time, but they are not the same.

There is a world of difference between a manager, which every single company on the planet has, and a true leader, which is fairly rare.

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3 Ways Managers Can Work More Ethically In The Workplace

In today’s age, it is imperative that companies work in the most ethical way.

Customers and partners demand transparency, and the Internet makes it possible for an issue or scandal to break in a matter of seconds.

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3 Ways Managers Can Enhance Their Own Self-Motivation

While there’s a ton of advice on how managers need to motivate their teams, not a lot of people are discussing ways on how managers can enhance their own self-motivation.

Although you may be great at delegating assignments, how do you stay on top of your own responsibilities and not fall behind?

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