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3 Telltale Signs Your Business Needs More Employees

It can be a difficult choice to add extra workforce to your existing team.

The extra expenses on paying a salary, payroll taxes and other expenses with hiring additional staff members can be a financial constraint for many small and medium enterprise owners or managers. Learn More

Why You Shouldn’t List The Salary On A Job Advert

Most job adverts include a short job description, the experience needed, contact information and a salary range.

However, one of these items, the salary range, may not be advantageous to list. Learn More

How NOT To Quit Your Job

According to an OfficeTeam survey, 86 percent of HR Managers polled stated that how an employee quits their job affects their “future career opportunities.” Learn More

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider ‘Job Sharing’

Do you have an employee so valuable, that if they call in sick, you feel like your entire office will collapse without them?

Often, managers place too much responsibility on one person, and if that worker is not able to come into the office, or worse yet, quit, the entire department can’t seem to get anything done. Learn More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Working from Home

ID-10034190 (2)With the advancements in technology it is now becoming more and more often that people are working from home.

Members of staff can take their laptops or their tablets home and can complete certain tasks without coming into the office on certain days.

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Are Great Leaders Born or Made?


I joined a lively debate on a ‘radio phone in’ recently that asked a similar question to mine above but in connection with ‘entrepreneurs’. Not surprisingly most of the contributors were entrepreneurs and nearly all of them had stories of parents or grandparents that were, themselves entrepreneurial. As a result of this the vast majority felt that their career choice was based on their ancestry and that people without this genetic influence were far less likely to be successful entrepreneurs.
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Stop Asking & Start Earning


Since the onset of the digital revolution and the rise of social media we are bombarded by requests to ‘like us’ and ‘follow us’ as well as many others too numerous to name.

To all of these people and organisations I have a request of my own; “Stop asking and start earning!”
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Leaving Your Job? Never Burn ‘Bridges’ As You Might Want To Cross Them Again!


As we journey through our careers we will cross many metaphorical bridges. We build our own bridges with people and with organisations as we gain promotion and advance. What usually happens when we leave an organisation though is we burn and destroy the bridge.
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