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How To Manage Your Business While Travelling

Employees usually envy the freedom that they believe their bosses have.

They think that their employers can come in whenever they want, leave when it is convenient for them, and take as much holiday as they crave; after all, it is their business. Learn More

Apply These 5 Principles For Better Delegation

Delegation is an ability that is not innate to every person.

Managers are often overwhelmed with their responsibilities, but don’t quite have the necessary skills to hand down assignments to their employees. Learn More

Delegation Skills: How To Use The SMART System

While most managers realise that part of the skills they should possess is delegation, not all know how to do so successfully.

While there are many benefits to good delegation, such as empowering staff and lessening your own workload, poor delegation can create chaos and confusion. Learn More

Get Work Done More Effectively Through Delegation

ID-100264906 (2)Delegating occurs when managers choose to assign their own tasks to other employees. While this does reduce the stress of an over-worked manager, the main benefit lies in the sense of responsibility and respect felt by the employees that are asked to assist. Delegating tasks to capable employees is a win-win situation for all involved.
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Optimising Work Assignments: Using Job Rotation in Factory and Office Settings

job rotationOne of the greatest challenges to successful management is the optimization of work assignments. Maximising employee productivity and work flow can be a daunting task for any manager, but there are strategies to aid in the work assignment process for both those in industrial and factory settings and knowledge-based office positions.

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5 Ways To Empower Your Employees

Too many managers still have problems letting go and holding onto work they should or could delegate. By empowering your employees you will be surprised at the power you can unleash as well as the time you will gain. Learn More

How To Inspire Ownership Within Your Team

One of my favourite shows when growing up was Batman. I used to relish the situations that made the mild-mannered Bruce Wayne turn into a world-saver. Learn More

4 Ways To Reduce The Fear Of Delegating

When we need to delegate, we often have to face up to many fears: Learn More