3 Phrases To Use When Delegating Work Your Colleague Will Hate

Delegate written on a woodenDelegating is no easy job.

Many employees falsely believe that managers have it easy as they get to decide what work to pawn off on others.

The truth is is that assigning tasks to employees can be a difficult and frustrating process.

However, it can be especially challenging when you need to assign a project or certain task you know your employee will absolutely hate.

Utilise the three phrases below when delegating work to encourage your team members to receive it positively and empower them to do their best.

“You will learn a lot from this.”

Many times, employees feel negatively about receiving a certain assignment simply because it is brand new and challenging, and they don’t know if they can do it correctly.

We all know the stress of facing a new challenge, which is why it is imperative that managers motivate their employees to tackle new projects and explain how it will benefit them.

When you explain to a worker that upon finishing an assignment they will learn a lot, it will motivate them to face their uncertainties.

After all, the only way to grow in a professional position is to take on novel challenges, meet them head-on, and improve the skills and knowledge in a

“Your contribution will help the department reach our sales goal.”

Other projects may not be new or challenging, but redundant or simply boring.

No one likes doing the same thing over and over, but unfortunately, this is fairly common in the workplace.

How do you motivate an individual who is tired and bored?

By explaining that their contribution will help with a specific goal.

While all employees realise that their efforts help the company’s bottom line, explaining how their work will help with a specific goal can help motivate them to keep going.

“You can take a day off once you finish this project.”

Working days are becoming longer and longer, leaving many employees feeling tired, overwhelmed and completely depleted.

Many companies have busy seasons where employees feel that their bosses are dumping project after project on them.

How do you delegate a task when your employee seems like they would rather do anything else other than this?

By promising them a reward upon completion.

If an employee has worked long hours week after week, give them something to look forward to by promising them a day off once the project is finished.

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Updated on: 29 September, 2017

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