3 Reasons Why You Should Delegate More To Your Team

Delegating tasks to your team concept on notesYou already know that without your team, you wouldn’t be able to get the majority of your tasks done.

You have employees, so you already give them projects and manage their outputs, but do you assess your delegation tactics and ever wonder if you should delegate more?

Here are 3 reasons why you should always answer a yes to that question!

Challenge Them

A secretary typically picks up calls and greets visitors at the door.

However, an invested leader would have discussed this person’s 5-year plan and inquired if they want to move up the corporate ladder.

If you are aware of the area this staff member wants to go in, delegate tasks that would help them learn the ins and outs of that field, be that management, marketing or accounting.

When we delegate responsibilities to our employees, we challenge them and keep them learning on the job.

This is the opposite of expecting your workers to do the same thing over and over, leading them to become bored and tired of their job.

Develop Leaders

Not all of your employees are natural born leaders, but if you are able to determine which one of them has that potential, you can help them develop those skills.

By delegating more advanced tasks to your star employees, you can help them develop in specific areas.

This is not only beneficial to them, as they will have more experience, but to you also.

When you help your best employees become leaders, they will aid you in managing your other staffers, freeing you up to concentrate on other things.

Involve Employees in Higher-Level Decisions

Managers tend to assign certain areas of a project to their employees, but don’t always explain the entire objective to all the parties involved.

By delegating more and giving your staffers the ability to see the bigger picture, you can motivate them to work harder and better!

Individuals are naturally empowered when they know they are making a difference, and when you share the goal of the project and how it will shape the outcome of the company, you will motivate your team!

The idea of assigning more tasks to your employees does not mean your goal is to make them busier. It is to develop their skills and help them to be more productive!

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Updated on: 24 May, 2018

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