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3 Quick Tips On How Entrepreneurs Create A Great Business Pitch

A startup owner needs the funds to get the business of the ground, grow it and market it to prospective clients.

Few entrepreneurs have the capital required to grow a startup, and they need investors to finance their endeavours. Learn More

2 Simple Tips On Growing Your Startup Business

Growing a startup is similar to gardening; it’s not enough to purchase and plant a seedling, you have to constantly feed it, trim it and make sure it is thriving. Learn More

Are You A Master Of Entrepreneurial Leadership?

Leadership Gear Solution ConceptEntrepreneurial leadership is becoming more and more widespread in the world.

This type of leader is different than a regular manager in an organisation. Learn More

3 Steps That Will Turn Your Business Idea Into Reality

Many people have great ideas, unfortunately only a small percentage turn them into successful businesses.

An idea is not nearly enough of what it takes to turn that figment of your imagination into a tangible product or set up services that will be sought after by clients. Learn More

3 Entrepreneurial Stories That Can Motivate Your Career Progression

Businessman with entrepreneurNo matter how far you have advanced in your career, you should still aspire to climb higher up the corporate ladder. Whether you have your own business, or you work for someone else, taking tips from inspirational professionals is a must for career advancement. Learn More

Social Enterprise & Why Your Business Should Embrace It

I am a massive fan of Social Enterprise and I am sure you are all aware of what it means but just in case. A Social Enterprise (SE) is either a Limited Company (LTD) or Community Investment Company (CIC) and both will generate income, the difference to a normal company however is that the profits are used to support social projects within a community or specific sector as outlined by the SE themselves.
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