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How To Make Your Business Thrive On YouTube

October 10, 2016

Everyone has heard of YouTube; it is likely that you have perused adorable cat videos or sang your heart out to Adele’s latest hit.

However, did you know that YouTube can be a powerful tool in growing your business? Learn More

The 3 Essentials Of A Successful ‘Business Process Improvement’ Strategy

January 6, 2016

Business process improvement (BPI) is a continuous effort on the part of a company’s leaders to advance and better its core mechanisms of running the company. Learn More

3 Steps To A Successful Brainstorming Session

September 9, 2015

If you need to come up with a creative new idea, or figure out a plan for a future campaign, a productive brainstorming meeting is the way to go. Learn More

missed targets

Prevent Your Team From Choking Under Pressure: A Leadership Perspective

July 21, 2014

missed targetsIt’s the decisive penalty kick of the World Cup finals. There’s pin-drop silence in the stadium as the fortunes of a football crazy country rest on the shoulders of this one player. The player taking the penalty kick is not a novice. He’s often succeeded in the past. Yet the tension is palpable. Finally he decides to kick and there is deafening silence.

Do you think he succeeded or did he choke? Learn More

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10 Problems Great Managers Face

June 9, 2014

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No matter how well you perform and the results you achieve, there will always be challenges and obstacles that will cause you to wonder if you are going in the right direction as a manager. Those challenges will make you question the validity of your processes and cause you to slow down in your progress.

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Winning In Business Is A Marathon – Not A Sprint!

April 14, 2014


I watched the London Marathon with great interest this weekend; I was exhausted just watching these runners from the comfort of my own sofa!

It had me thinking about the motivations for running a marathon and the mentalities of winning.
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What They Don’t Teach You At University & College To Prepare You For The Job Market & Life – Welcome To The Real World

April 2, 2014


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With the job market so crowded it can be tough as a graduate to get on to the first rung of the ladder in terms of your career.

We have trained thousands of graduates over the years and employed lots of them too so we understand the frustrations and fears that the modern day graduate has.
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How Does Your Leadership CV Read?

March 26, 2014


Keeping your CV up to date does not mean you are looking for another job. I am often asked for my CV to form part of a proposal for training or consultancy work. Updating your CV regularly also reminds you how much or how little CPD (Continuing Professional Development) work you have done recently.
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