4 Tips On How To Promote Creativity In The Workplace

Creativity design with business manIf you work in an industry that requires your employees to be creative, such as advertising, writing, marketing or such, there are ways you can boost their imagination.

While many individuals do find inspiration within themselves to get the job done, there are several ways managers can boost their employees’ originality.

New Experiences – One of the most sure fire ways to spark employees’ creative side is to introduce them to a new experience they have never had. For example, if you need to come up with an ad campaign for traveling to Turkey, take your staff to an authentic Turkish restaurant to have them taste the food and get a glimpse of the culture.

See if you can find any movies that reflect Turkish life, or simply look for clips on YouTube. Giving this preview can provide your staff members with new insight about the country and culture they didn’t have before.

Freedom – Many employees feel like they can’t be truly original in their workplace because their bosses like to follow a certain status quo. Therefore, they create cookie-cutter campaigns and turn in similar work month after month.

It is imperative for managers to give employees the freedom to be creative and think outside the box. Reward underlings who have presented something completely unique, and other colleagues will strive to do the same.

Creative Environment – Redesign your office to promote imagination and originality. Ask your staff members what helps them concentrate, and try to implement that. Is it a coffee or soda machine to energise them? Or a football or pool table to help them relax and blow off steam during a busy working day?

Also, decorate the office with bright colours and inspiring artwork to get the creative juices flowing.

Make Teams – Sometimes, it helps individuals to bounce ideas against and brainstorm with someone else. Set up small teams of employees, and give them a certain task.

Chances are that by teaming up with others, your underlings will be able to come up with something truly unique and different from what they were each able to think of by themselves.

In professions where creativity is a must, there are several things that managers can do to promote original thinking from their employees. Try the tips above to inspire your staff.

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Updated on: 5 January, 2015

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