3 Handy Tools That Will Improve Your Productivity

Businessman Working At His WorkTechnology has been so integrated into our daily lives that we use apps on our phones or tablets to find local restaurants, communicate with others, watch videos and even shop.

The problem is that the access to a wealth of apps uses up our valuable time that we need to spend working.

The good news is that you can actually utilise apps to make yourself more productive with these productivity apps.


This task list and to-do app is an award-winning solution used all over the world for people who want to organise their personal and professional tasks.

The basic version is free, a while the cloud and business versions are paid.

You have the option of adding items from any device, and having it sync across all of your devices, so you can access your list from work, home or on the go.

Custom alerts and reminders do not allow you to forget any deadline.

Innovative features on this app allow you to record an alert with your voice, and the solution can even alert you when you’re near a location which is required to complete a task on the list, such as near a store where you need to purchase toner for your printer.

Todo is an excellent solution for business needs, as managers can compile to-do lists, share them with their team members and even assign responsibilities.


Todoist allows you to manage your tasks anywhere, whether you are online or offline.

Starting with a free version that offers other, paid options, you can break your tasks into subtasks, crossing off items as you finish a complex project.

Leaders can assign and delegate tasks, and work on them with their staff members in real time.

Reminders can be added easily, by stating “Monday at 2pm,” instead of spending time searching for a date and time on a virtual calendar.

Dates can easily be updated when the need arises, and when items are completed by employees, the manager can get an alert that it’s done.

When appraisal time comes around, Todoist is a powerful managerial tool that allows leaders to track their staffs productivity, and monitor their achievement over time.


If you want to add some fun into the organising and delegating process, utilise Carrot, a hilarious and sarcastic organisation tool.

A robot master controls your tasks, and praises you and offers rewards when you cross them off your list.

However, when you fail to complete the items, your master gets upset!

Rewards involve praise, games and fortune cookies, which you need to earn points to redeem.

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Updated on: 27 January, 2017

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